User Manual Bosch WIW28301GB Serie 6 Built-in washing machine

Bosch WIW28301GB Serie 6 Built-in washing machine - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User manual and installation instructions Washing machine for Bosch WIW28301GB 

Table of contents

  • Safety
  • General information
  • Intended use
  • Restriction on user group
  • Safe installation
  • Safe use
  • Safe cleaning and maintenance
  • Preventing material damage
  • Environmental protection and saving energy
  • Disposing of packaging
  • Save energy and conserve resources
  • Energy saving mode
  • Installation and connection
  • Unpacking the appliance
  • Contents of package
  • Requirements for the installation
  • location
  • Removing the transit bolts
  • Tools for assembly
  • Installing the appliance
  • Connecting the appliance
  • Aligning the appliance
  • Familiarising yourself with your appliance
  • Appliance
  • Detergent drawer
  • Controls
  • Display
  • Buttons
  • Programmes
  • Accessories
  • Before using for the first time
  • Starting an empty washing cycle
  • Laundry

Energy saving mode

  • If you do not use the appliance for an extended period, it automatically switches to energy-saving mode. All displays go out and Start/Reload flashes.
  • Energy-saving mode ends when you use the appliance again, e.g. if you open or close the door.
  • If you do not use the appliance for an extended period, the appliance switches off automatically

Cleaning and servicing

Cleaning the drain pump

  • Clean the drain pump in the event of faults, e.g. blockages or rattling noises

Emptying the drain pump

  1. Turn off the water tap.
  2.  Switch off the appliance.
  3.  Disconnect the appliance's mains plug from the power supply.
  4. Remove the base panel.
  5. Slide a receptacle under the opening.
  6. Take the drain hose out of the holder.
  7. Do not touch the hot detergent solution. To allow the detergent solution to flow out into the container, remove the sealing cap.
  8. Firmly press on the sealing cap.
  9. Insert the drain hose into the holder.

Cleaning the water inlet filter

  • Clean the filter in the water inlet in the event of blockages or if the water pressure is too low


Series: Serie 6

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Does this machine have a rinse hold feature?
On the majority of the programs on this washing machine, you can set the spin speed to 0 and this will then be the rinse hold functionality.

The door doesn’t open after a wash. What am I doing wrong?
We would advise to check that the child lock is not activated. This is advised in the user manual how to deactivate.

I understand it doesn't have a quick wash as such. Can anyone tell me how long a 30 & 40 degree wash would take using the speed perfect function? And the easy care function timings please....just looking for a general indication.
Wash times vary according to the wash load. The Speed Perfect function can reduce the wash time up to 50% again this is according to the wash load. The average washing time for cotton 40C programme (partial load) is 156 min, this will be reduced if Speed Perfect is selected.

Would you able to advise me on what setting is required for the drum clean?
This model doesn't have a drum clean programme. We would suggest you select the hottest wash with some washing machine cleaner placed inside an empty drum