User Manual Craftsman CMXGRAM7821291 Kit Sold Separately

Craftsman CMXGRAM7821291 Kit Sold Separately - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Guide Craftsman CMXGRAM7821291 Kit Sold Separately

Table of contents

  • Safe Operation Practices
  • Assembly
  • Operation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Off-Season Storage
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty Statement


• Tow only with a machine that has a hitch designed for towing. Do not attach towed equipment except at the hitch point.

• Follow the manufacturers recommendation for weight limits for towed equipment and towing on slopes.

• Never allow children or others in or on towed equipment.

Gas and Oil

• Refuel in a well-ventilated area with the engine stopped. Do not smoke or allow flames or sparks in the area where the engine is refueled or where gasoline is stored.

• Do not overfill the fuel tank. After refueling, make sure the tank cap is closed properly and securely.

• Be careful not to spill fuel when refueling. Spilled fuel or fuel vapor may ignite. If any fuel is spilled, make sure the area is dry before starting the engine.

• Avoid repeated or prolonged contact with skin or breathing of vapor.

Adding Fuel

1. Be sure engine is outdoors and in a well-ventilated area.

2. Clean area around the fuel fill cap and remove the fuel fill cap.

3. Using an approved red GASOLINE container, add fuel slowly, being careful to avoid spilling.

4. Fill the tank until the fuel reaches the bottom of the fuel tank neck.

5. Replace the fuel cap and tighten securely. Wipe up spilled fuel before starting engine.

  • If fuel is spilled DO NOT start engine. Move riding mower away from area of spillage.
  • Avoid creating any source of ignition until fuel vapors are gone.

Checking and Adding Oil

  • Your riding mower is shipped with oil in the engine. However, you MUST check the oil level before operating.
  • Check and add the oil as instructed in your Engine Operator’s Manual.

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