JBL Grand Touring Gtr 104 100w Rms 4channel Stadium Series Bluetooth Car Amplifier

User Manual - Page 5

For GRAND TOURING GTR 104. Also, The document are for others JBL models: GTR‐7535, GTR‐104, GTR‐102, GTR-1001/GTR-601

PDF File Manual, 14 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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What’s in the box:
1 amplifier
2 spare fuses (X3 GTR-7535, GTR-1001; X1 GTR-102)
1 cabin-mounted control panel (GTR-102, GTR-104 and GTR-7535 models)
4 RCA adapters (X2 GTR-102, GTR-601, GTR-1001)
1 REM adapter (GTR-102 and GTR-104 models)
4 screws
Owner’s Manual
IMPORTANT: Disconnect the vehicle’s negative (–) battery terminal before beginning the installation.
Wear protective eyewear when using tools.
Choose a safe mounting location, away from moisture. Check clearances on both sides of a planned mounting surface.
When drilling or cutting in the mounting area use caution that screws or wires will not puncture brake lines, fuel lines, or wiring harnesses. Make sure wire
routing will not interfere with safe vehicle operation.
When making electrical connections, make sure they are secure and properly insulated.
If you must replace any of the amplifier’s fuses, use the same type of fuse and current rating as the original.
To keep the amplifier cool, choose a dry but ventilated mounting location that provides enough air circulation such as under a seat or in the trunk.
Do not mount the amplifier with the heatsink facing downward, as this interferes with cooling.
Mount the amplifier so that it will not be damaged by feet of backseat passengers or shifting cargo in the trunk.
Use the amplifier as a template to mark locations of the mounting holes on the mounting surface. Drill pilot holes in the mounting surface.
Attach the amplifier to the mounting surface with four appropriate mounting screws.
NOTE: You may find it more convenient to make all of the connections to the amplifier before you permanently mount it.
Power/Protect Clari-Fi
Party Mode Bluetooth
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