User Manual Bosch WAV28MH3GB Serie 8 Washing machine

Bosch WAV28MH3GB Serie 8 Washing machine - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • Owner's manual - (English)
Other Documents
  • Home Connect Guide - (English)
  • Energy Label - (English)
  • Data Sheet - (English)
  • Product Information Sheet - (English)

Washing machine User manual and installation instructions Bosch WAV28MH3GB

Table of contents

  • Safety
  • General information
  • Intended use
  • Restriction on user group
  • Safe installation
  • Safe use
  • Safe cleaning and maintenance
  • Preventing material damage
  • Environmental protection and saving energy
  • Disposing of packaging
  • Save energy and conserve resources
  • Energy saving mode
  • Installation and connection
  • Unpacking the appliance
  • Contents of package
  • Requirements for the installation location
  • Removing the transit bolts
  • Connecting the appliance
  • Aligning the appliance
  • Connecting the appliance to the electricity supply
  • Familiarising yourself with your appliance
  • Appliance
  • Detergent drawer
  • Controls
  • Display
  • Buttons
  • Programmes
  • Accessories
  • Before using for the first time
  • Starting an empty washing cycle
  • Laundry
  • Preparing the laundry
  • Sorting laundry
  • Degrees of soiling
  • Care symbols on the care labels
  • Detergents and care products
  • Detergent recommendation
  • Detergent dosage
  • Basic operation
  • Switching on the appliance
  • Setting a programme
  • Adjusting the programme settings
  • Loading laundry
  • Using a measuring aid for liquid detergent
  • Use the measuring aid for liquid detergent
  • Adding detergent and care product
  • Starting the programme
  • Soaking laundry
  • Adding laundry
  • Cancelling the programme
  • Resuming the programme when the programme status is Rinse Hold
  • Unloading the laundry
  • Switching off the appliance
  • Childproof lock
  • Activating the childproof lock
  • Deactivating the childproof lock
  • Home Connect
  • Home Connect settings
  • Connecting the appliance to a WLAN home network (Wi-Fi) with WPS function
  • Connecting the appliance to a WLAN home network (Wi-Fi) without WPS function
  • Connecting your appliance to the Home Connect app
  • Connecting the appliance to the energy manager
  • Activating Wi-Fi on the appliance
  • Deactivating Wi-Fi on the appliance
  • Software update
  • Resetting the appliance network settings
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Data protection
  • Basic settings
  • Overview of basic settings
  • Changing the basic settings
  • Cleaning and servicing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Transportation, storage and disposal
  • Removing the appliance
  • Inserting the transit bolts
  • Using the appliance again
  • Disposing of old appliance
  • Customer Service
  • Consumption values
  • Technical specifications
  • Declaration of Conformity

Starting an empty washing cycle

Your appliance was inspected thoroughly before leaving the factory. To remove any residual water, run the first wash cycle without any laundry.

Note: Please read the information in the Safety → Page 4 and Preventing material damage → Page 10 sections to ensure that you use the appliance safely.

  1. Press i . It may take a few seconds for the appliance to switch on.
  2. Set the Drum Clean programme.
  3. Close the door.
  4. Pull out the detergent drawer.
  5. Pour washing powder into compartment II. To prevent foaming, use only half of the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for light soiling. Do not use detergent suitable for woollens or delicates.
  6. Push in the detergent drawer
  7. Press Start/Reload to start the programme.
  8. Start the first wash cycle or press to switch off the appliance.

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Series: Serie 8

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