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Step by Step Amazon Key Lockset Enrollment
1. Install Kwikset lockset
2. Install Amazon Key Cloud Cam
3. Open Amazon Key app
4. Tap “Add a lock” on the app home screen
5. Choose the appropriate lock model
6. Push button “A” on the lock interior 4 times
7. Follow in-app instructions to complete the enrollment process
I am trying to pair my lock to my Amazon Key Cloud Cam but having a hard time finding the device.
1. Ensure the lockset purchased is Amazon Key compatible.
2. For most successful results, initial pairing process should take place within 1 foot of the Amazon Key Cloud Cam.
Once paired, install the interior assembly of the lockset on the door to complete hardware installation.
3. The lock’s installed location should be within a reasonable distance from the Amazon Key Cloud Cam (~60 feet).
My lock connected fine before, but is now not connected to the Amazon Key Cloud Cam.
1. Ensure your Amazon Key Cloud Cam is online and properly connected to your Wi-Fi.
2. Check that the lock is powered and the batteries are installed correctly and not low or dead.
3. Confirm the installed location of the lock is within a reasonable distance from the Amazon Key Cloud Cam (~60
feet), and that the range of field is not obstructed.
4. Temporarily remove the interior cover and interior assembly from the door and ensure the cable is connected
correctly and not damaged.
I installed the lock just fine, but the motor does not seem to be locking/unlocking appropriately.
1. Did you perform the door handing process? This is a crucial part of successful deadbolt installation in which the
lockset is taught which way to throw the bolt depending on whether the door prep is right handed or left
handed. Refer back to the installation guide for assistance.
My lock gets stuck from time to time or does not seem to move freely.
1. Open the door and try manually turning the interior turnpiece to feel for any stickiness. If yes, try loosening the
2 mounting screws as they may have been overtightened during hardware installation.
2. If operating freely while the door is open, try closing the door and manually turning the interior turnpiece to feel
for any potential drag or obstruction if slight drag or obstruction exists:
a. Check for any potential misalignment between the deadbolt or latch and the door jam.
b. Ensure the bolt hole is clear of anything that might interfere with the deadbolt.
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