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User Manual Euromaid WMFL9 Washing Machine 

Table of contents

  • Supplier name or trademark EUROMAID
  • Model name WMFL
  • Rated capacity (kg)
  • Maximum spin speed (rpm)
  • Built-in No
  • Height (cm)
  • Width (cm)
  • Depth (cm)
  • Net weight (±4 kg.)
  • Single Water inlet
  • Electrical input 
  • Total current (A)
  • Total power (W) 2000-
  • Main model code
  • Technical specifications 
  • Document Number

Appropriate installation location

• Place the product on a hard and level floor. Do not put it onto a carpet with high pile or other similar surfaces.

• When the washing machine and dryer are placed on top of each other, their total weight –when loaded– amounts to 180 kilograms. Place the product on a solid and flat floor that has sufficient load carrying capacity!

• Do not place the product on the power cable.

• Do not install the product in the environments where the temperature falls below 0 ºC.

• Do not place heat sources such as Hobs, Irons, Ovens, etc. on the washing machine and do not use them on the product

Adding or taking out laundry

1. Press Start / Pause button to switch the machine to pause mode. The programme follow-up light of the relevant step during which the machine was switched into the pause mode will flash.

2. Wait until the Loading Door can be opened.

3. Open the Loading Door and add or take out the laundry.

4. Close the Loading Door.

5. Make changes in auxiliary functions, temperature and speed settings if necessary.

6. Press Start / Pause button to start the machine.

Cleaning the water intake filters

There is a filter at the end of each water intake valve at the rear of the machine and also at the end of each water intake hose where they are connected to the tap. These filters prevent foreign substances and dirt in the water to enter the washing machine. Filters should be cleaned as they do get dirty.

1. Close the taps.

2. Remove the nuts of the water intake hoses to access the filters on the water intake valves.

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