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Table of contents
1Instructions 16
1.1 General instructions 16
1.2 This user manual 16
1.3 Declaration of conformity 17
1.4 Declaration art. 10.10 Directive 2014/53/EU 17
1.5 How to read the user manual 17
2 SmegConnect 18
2.1 Control panel 18
2.2 Connectivity requirements 19
2.3 Installing the App 19
2.4 Registration of the product 19
2.5 Remote connection 22
2.6 Change of the Access Point access rights 22
2.7 Connection information 24
2.8 Deleting the registration 25
2.9 Software updates 25
2.10What to do if... 26
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maintaining the appliance’s aesthetic and functional qualities.
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