User Manual Smeg CVI138RG Built-in Wine Cooler

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User Manual Warranty
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  • Warranty certificate - (English) Download
  • Warranty certificate - (English) Download
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Energy Guide
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20 - PRECAUTIONS 914779518/B
General safety instructions 20
For this appliance 22
Appliance purpose 24
This user manual 24
Manufacturer’s liability 24
Technical Support. 24
Identification plate 25
Energy label 25
Disposal 25
Information for control bodies 25
To save energy 25
Light sources 25
How to read the user manual 25
General Description 26
Control panel 26
Description of parts 27
USE 27
Preliminary operations 27
First use 27
Using the control panel 27
Using the wine cellar compartments 29
Alarms 30
Storage advice 30
Cleaning the appliance 32
Removing the removable shelves 32
What to do if... 33
Electrical connection 33
Positioning 33
Appliance overall dimensions (mm) 34
Mounting (mm) 35
We advise you to read this manual carefully, which contains all the instructions for maintaining the
appliance’s aesthetic and functional qualities. For further information on the product:
General safety instructions
Risk of personal injury
Keep children under the age of
8 at a safe distance unless they
are constantly supervised.
This appliance may be used by
children aged at least 8 and by
people of reduced physical,
sensory or mental capacity, or
lacking in experience in the use
of electrical appliances,
provided that they are
supervised or instructed by
adults who are responsible for
their safety.
This appliance is not suitable
for use by persons (including
children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental
capacity, or by those without
experience or knowledge,
unless they are supervised or
instructed on the use of the
appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Children must be supervised to
ensure that they do not play
with the appliance.
According to current
regulations, children between 3
and 8 years of age can take or
load food from the appliance,
but it is highly discouraged to
allow children under 8 years of
age to perform these
operations and in general to
use the appliance.
Children must never play with
the appliance.
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