User Manual Craftsman CMXGWAS020734 3000-PSI 2.5-Gallon Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer

Craftsman CMXGWAS020734 3000-PSI 2.5-Gallon Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Operator's Manual Pressure Washer for Craftsman CMXGWAS020734

Table of Contents

  • Operator Safety
  • Assembly
  • Features and Controls.
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Common Service Parts
  • Storage
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product Specifications
  • Warranty


How to Stop Your Pressure Washer 

  • Release spray gun trigger and let engine idle for two minutes.
  • Push engine rocker switch to OFF (0) position.
  • ALWAYS point gun in a safe direction and press red button and squeeze spray gun trigger to release retained high water pressure.

How to Use Accessory Tray

The unit is equipped with an accessory tray with places to store your spray gun, nozzle extension, high pressure hose and quick connect spray tips. 1.

  • Place nozzle extension in slots on left side of accessory tray (viewing from rear of unit) and snap in.
  • Place spray gun through grooves on right side of accessory tray.
  • Insert multi-colored spray tips in holes provided on front of accessory tray. 
  • Wrap high pressure hose and hang on hook of accessory tray. 

How to Use Spray Tips

  • The quick-connect on the nozzle extension allows you to switch between four different quick connect spray tips. Spray tips can be changed while pressure washer is running once spray gun trigger lock is engaged. The spray tips vary the spray pattern as shown.

Usage Tips 

  • For most effective cleaning, keep spray tip from 8 to 24 in. away from cleaning surface. 
  • If you get spray tip too close, especially using a high pressure spray tip, you may damage surface being cleaned. DO NOT get closer than 6 in. when cleaning tires.

Applying Detergent

To apply detergent, follow these steps: 

  • Review use of spray tips. 
  • Prepare detergent solution as required by job. 
  • Pour detergent into cleaning tank.
  • Make sure black detergent spray tip is installed.
  • Make sure garden hose Is connected to waterr Inlet. Check that high pressure hose is connected to spray gun and pump. Turn on water.
  • Start engine following instructions How to Start Your Pressure Washer.
  • Apply detergent to a dry surface, starting at lower portion of area to be washed and work upward, using long, even, overlapping strokes. 
  • Allow detergent to "soak in" for 3-5 minutes before washing and rinsing. Reapply as needed to prevent surface from drying. DO NOT allow detergent to dry on (prevents streaking).

Pressure Washer Rinsing

For Rinsing: 

  • Remove black detergent spray tip from nozzle extension. 
  • Select and install desired high pressure spray tip following instructions How to Use Spray Tips. 
  • Keep the spray gun a safe distance from the area you plan to spray.
  • Apply a high pressure spray to a small area, then check the surface for damage. If no damage is found, it is okay to continue cleaning.
  • Start at the top of the area to be rinsed, working down with same overlapping strokes as you used for washing and applying detergent.


Pressure Washer Maintenance

Clean Debris

  • Daily or before use, clean accumulated debris from pressure washer. Keep linkage, spring and controls clean. Keep area around and hehind muffler free from any combustible debris. Inspect oling air slots and openings on the pressure washer. These openings must be kept clean and unobstructed.
  • Pressure washer parts should be kept clean to reduce the risk of overheating and ignition of accumulated debris. Use a damp cloth to wipe exterior surfaces clean.

Check and Clean Inlet Screen

  • Examine the screen on the pumn's water iniet Clean it if the screen is clogged or replace it if screen is damaged.

Check High Pressure Hose

  • The high pressure hose can develop leaks from wear, kinking, or abuse. Inspect the hose each time before using it. Check for cuts, leaks, abrasions or bulging of cover, damage or movement of couplings. If any of these conditions exist, replace the hose immediately.

Check Detergent Tube/Tank

  • Examine detergent tank and detergent tube and clean if clogged. The tube should fit tightly on the barbed fitting of the pump and tank. Examine the tube for leaks or tears. Replace the tank or tube if either is damaged.

Detergent Siphoning Check Ball

Occasionally check ball in detergent siphoning system may become stuck from storage, dried soap, or minerals in water. The check ball can be freed by performing the following.

  • Shut OFF engine and turn off water supply. 
  • ALWAYS point spray gun in a safe direction, press red button and squeeze spray gun trigger to release retained high water pressure.
  • Remove detergent hose from barbed fitting on pump.
  • Using a firm, blunt object 7/64" in diameter or smaller, by at least 1" long, such as an Allen wrench, slowly insert the object into the barbed fitting until you meet resistance. This resistance is the check ball. 
  • Slowly push down until you feel the ball move slightly, push no more than 1/8". Slight pressure may be required to free the ball.
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 if necessary.
  • Reinstall detergent hose onto barb fitting.
  • Treat with Pump Saver as described in Protecting the Pump during storage to prevent reoccurrence.

Check Spray Gun

  • Examine the hose connection to the spray gun and make sure it is secure. Test the trigger by pressing the red button and making sure the trigger "springs back" into place when you release it. You should not be able to press the trigger without pressing the red button. Replace spray gun immediately if it fails any of these tests.

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Specs Sheet

  • Assembled Weight : 48 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 0.3
  • Engine Oil Capacity (oz.): 20

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Craftsman CMXGWAS020734 Questions and Answers

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What fuel should I use in the gas power washer. Should I buy the fuel Lowe’s sells, non ethanol fuel or the kind that has 10% of the stuff.
We recommend using a minimum of 87 octane with no more than 10% ethanol. Non ethanol fuel would be great to use, but is not required.

Can you use TRUFUEL 4 cycle ethanol free gas for this pressure washer?
Yes. Trufuel is 93 octane fuel without the ethanol. Fuel must meet these requirements: Clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline. A minimum of 87 octane/87 AKI (91 RON). Gasoline with no more than 10% ethanol is acceptable. Do not use unapproved gasolines, such as E85. Do not mix oil in gasoline or modify the engine to run on alternate fuels. This will damage the engine components and void the warranty.

How does one bleed the spray gun and hose connection of air pressure?
When you first turn on the unit after connecting everything up, including the water supply, you just have to depress the trigger on the spray gun to purge the pump system, hose, and gun of any air.

Should the oil be a black/gray color? I have never seen oil look like this except in an old dirt bike I once owned after the crank case cracked...
The oil should not be black/gray. I would recommend changing the oil and keeping an eye on whether this color develops again. The oil in this particular pressure washer needs to be changed after the first 5 hours of use, and than every 50 hours of use or annually after that. A gray color in the oil may signal that water is in the oil.

Can you fill the chemical tank and spray out of it without hooking up a water hose to it? If so, will it damage the pump?
Unfortunately that is not a possibility, nor do we recommend running the engine on this unit without water already running through the pump. The pump siphons the detergent from the chemical tank into the pump to mix with the water when the soap nozzle is being used. The psi of the soap nozzle creates the necessary vacuum to siphon up the detergent.