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Decorator Door Panel Instruction (Select Models)
Allow room for
hand clearence
" (6mm) Typical
Attached Raised Panel
Door must be removed from refrigerator before removing
handle. Top trim must be removed from refrigerator before
removing door panel.
For Models with extruded handles.
1. Remove the refrigerator handle:
Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove top door cap.
Tap bottom edge of refrigerator door handle upward
with a rubber mallet.
Handle will slide up approximately 3/4” (19.05 mm)
and release from door.
2. Remove the door panel:
Slide out decorator panel and filler board. (If Present)
Store panel and filler board carefully to prevent
3. Replace the refrigerator door panel:
Carefully slide the 1/4” (6.35 mm), maximum
thickness, decorator panel in grooves provided by
bottom door cap and side trim.
Slide the filler board into place behind the decorator
panel, if necessary.
Attach the handle and trim.
Reinstall refrigerator door.
NOTE : You do not need to remove the freezer drawer to
remove or replace the decorator panel.
4. Pull freezer drawer out to access handle screws .
Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove handle screws
and lift off handle.
Slide decorator panel and filler board up through
handle opening.
Replace decorator panels by reversing directions .
Door reversal: If you intend to reverse doors -
retrieve the alternative side door trim, shipped with
the refrigerator.
Installing custom wood panels
NOTE: If you plan to install custom wood decorator panels,
you will need to create the panels yourself or consult your
See dimensional drawings for wood panel inserts .
Flat Panels:
You can create a custom flat panel a maximum of 1/4“
(6.35 mm) thick to replace your decorator panels. Flat
wood panels less than 1/4” (6.35 mm) thick are not
Raised Panels:
A raised panel design can be created by screwing or gluing
wood panels to 1/4” (6.35 mm) backing or by using 3/4”
(19.05 mm) stock with routed edges. Allow Sufficient hand
clearance between raised edge of panel and handle.
Weight requirements for raised panel inserts :
Refrigerator door panel should not exceed 30 lbs. (14
kg) combined weight.
Freezer drawer panels should not exceed 15 lbs . (7 kg).
2 7/8"
73 mm
6 1/32"
153 mm
29 31/32
761 mm
42 1/16"
1068 mm
6 1/4"
159 mm
2 31/32"
75 mm
23 9/16"
598 mm
23 13/16"
605 mm
36 3/32"
917 mm
1/4" dia. typ.
0.6 cm
1/4" hole
0.6 cm
(1067 mm)
35 5/8"
(905 mm)
23 1/4"
(591 mm)
36 3/32"
(917 mm)
For Extruded Handle
For Handle
12884403 6/08
Door Panel (End view)
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