User Manual Samsung NX60A6711SG/AA 6.0 Cu. Ft. Smart Freestanding Gas Range

Samsung NX60A6711SG/AA 6.0 Cu. Ft. Smart Freestanding Gas Range - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • Owner's manual - (English, Spanish)
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User manual Gas Free-Standing Range for Samsung NX60A6711SG/AA


  • Important safety information
  • Overview
  • Layout
  • What’s included
  • Control panel
  • Before you start
  • Clock
  • Oven vent/cooling vent
  • Cooktop
  • Ignition
  • Cookware
  • Griddle
  • Gas oven
  • Using the oven racks
  • Cooking mode
  • Air Fry mode
  • Cooking options
  • Special features
  • Changing settings
  • Smart control
  • Voice control
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Self-cleaning
  • Replacing the oven light
  • Removing and reinstalling the oven door
  • Troubleshooting
  • Checkpoints
  • Information codes
  • Warranty

Self-cleaning oven

To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injuries, and/or death, observe the following precautions.

  • The self-cleaning feature operates the oven at temperatures high enough to burn away food soils in the oven. The range is extremely hot during a self-cleaning cycle. Do not touch any surfaces of the range during a self-cleaning cycle.
  • Keep children away from the oven during a selfcleaning cycle.
  • Before starting a self-cleaning cycle, remove all racks, cookware, and utensils from the oven. Only porcelain-coated oven racks may be left in the oven.
  • Before starting a self-cleaning cycle, wipe grease and food soils from the oven.
  • Do not put the lower drawer into the oven cavity when you run a self-cleaning cycle.
  • When opening the door after a self-cleaning cycle, stand away from the oven.
  • If the self-cleaning cycle malfunctions, turn off the oven, disconnect the power supply, and contact a qualified service technician.


Burner controls: Make sure all surface burner knobs are in the OFF position. 1

  1. Pull knobs off the control valve stems.
  2. Clean the knobs in warm, soapy water. Then, rinse and dry them thoroughly.
  3. Clean the stainless steel surfaces using stainless steel cleaner.
  4. Re-attach the knobs to the control valve stems.

Cooktop surface: The porcelain-enameled cooktop surface needs to be kept clean. We recommend that you remove food spills immediately after they take place.

  1. Turn off all surface burners.  
  2. Wait until all burner grates cool down, and then remove them.
  3. Clean the cooktop surface using a soft cloth. If food spills run into gaps of the burner components, remove the burner cap and the head, and wipe up the spills.
  4. When cleaning is finished, reinsert the burner components, and then put the burner grates back into position.

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Specs Sheet

  • Oven Capacity : 6.0 cu. ft.
  • W x H x D: 24 13/16 x 21 5/8 x 19 5/8"
  • Weight: 187 lbs

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Samsung NX60A6711SG/AA Questions and Answers

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Does this have the blue illuminated knobs?
Our specifications have the knobs on this model listed as "Tuscan Stainless Knobs". However, it is not listed that the knobs have the blue backlight that some models do.

Does this Model NX60A6711SS/AA have a built in temperature probe? I watch the video on the WiFi and voice command and it said it came with it but I didn't see it listed under specifications.
The SmartThings app does have some added features for the models that have a temperature probe. However, this model does not come with an internal temperature probe.

What are the BTU's of the various burners, and where are they located on the stove, i.e. front right is how many BTU's? BTU rating of broiler?
Here are the BTU ratings for each burner: Center - 10,000 BTU; Left Front - 17,000 BTU; Left Rear - 9,500 BTU; Right Front - 18,000 BTU; Right Rear - 5,000 BTU.

What are the knobs made of?
Our specifications list the knobs as: Black Stainless Knobs.

Can you turn the convection off to bake cakes
In fact, it's even easier than that. This model has separate buttons for standard bake and convection bake. This means each time you use the oven you can select whichever you want.