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User manual Column Heater for Dimplex ECR24FA

Fitting The Castors

WARNING The radiator must only be operated with the wheels and castors fitted and in an upright position. The castors must be fitted to the control panel and on the bracket between the last and second last fin on the opposite end, as shown in Fig.1.

  • To fit the castors, turn the radiator upside down on a carpet or other soft surface to avoid damage Warning: The radiator is heavy – ensure that it is supported to prevent it from toppling. Ask a second person to help with this if necessary.
  • To fit the castors, position the castor plates (A) in position and secure using the wing bolts provided (B). There are guides to ensure the correct positioning and orientation of the caster plate.
  • Return the radiator to the correct orientation so it rests on the castors. The product is now ready for use.


The Thermostat, see Fig.2 controls the heat output according to the room temperature. This ensures that the heater will not produce heat unnecessarily when the room is warm.

  • To set the temperature you require, turn the thermostat knob clockwise until the required setting is reached. Alternatively to heat a cold room quickly, turn the thermostat knob up fully.
  • When the room has reached the desired temperature, turn the thermostat knob anti-clockwise until the thermostat just clicks off. The heater will now automatically operate at this temperature.
  • The thermostat also has a frost protection setting marked '*' This setting is useful in areas such as garages, to prevent frost damage. If the thermostat is set to its minimum setting '*' the heater will cycle on and off to maintain a temperature of approximately 5° to help protect against frost.

Note – Should the heater fail to come on when the thermostat is at a low setting, this may be due to the room temperature being higher than the thermostat setting.

Setting the 'Auto' ON and OFF times

To set the timer:

  • Using your finger tip or tip off a pencil, push in as many segments as necessary around the dial, according to the times you don't require heat - see Fig.5. Each segment pushed in switches the heater OFF for that part of the hour All other segments will be ON. For example, Fig.5 shows the timer set to switch the heater OFF between 11pm and 1.45am.
  • You can select as many ON periods as you like, within the 24-hour day. The settings will repeat every day until changed.
  • To change ON and OFF times, simply push in any 'ON' segments you wish to cancel and pull out new 'ON' segments as required.
  • NOTE: each segment represents 15minute


Over time, dust can accumulate on the heater which can effect performance. It is recommended to clean the unit at least once a month.

  • Turn the unit OFF and disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
  • Remove any dust build up with a soft brush.
  • Wipe the surface of the unit with a soft damp cloth. Mild detergent can be used for any stubborn marks.

If not using the unit for an extended period of time. After cleaning please:

  • Ensure control switch is OFF and remove plug from the power outlet.
  • Cover the unit and store it upright in a location where it will not receive direct sunlight. NB- Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will discolour the unit.


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