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User Guide  Kwikset 99090-022 Tools - Home Improvement

Table of contents

  • Mastercode
  • Troubleshooting: Door Jamming and Door Handing
  • Troubleshooting: Keypad
  • Troubleshooting: Battery
  • Battery FAQ

Enabling and Setting the Mastercode

1. Keep door open. Press and HOLD the Program button until the keypad fl ashes green (about 5 seconds).

2. Enter new Mastercode.

3. Press Lock button once.

4. Re-enter Mastercode.

5. Press Lock button once.

  • If programming is successful, the keypad will flash green once with one beep.
  • If programming is unsuccessful, the keypad will fl ash red three times with three beeps.
  • Make sure the Mastercode has not already been programmed. Attempt the procedure again, making sure to enter the same new Mastercode in step 2 and 4.

6. Make sure switch #3 is on, and press the Program button once. If you hear three beeps and see the keypad fl ash green three times, the Mastercode is enabled. Note: The lock will time out after fi ve seconds

Adding User Codes with the Mastercode Enabled

1. Keep door open. Press the Program button once. The keypad will fl ash green and you will hear three beeps.

2. Enter Mastercode.

3. Press Lock button once.

4. Press the Program button the number of times that corresponds to the user code position being programmed. Example: If programming the third code, press the button three times.

5. Enter new user code.

6. Press Lock button once. 

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