User Manual Craftsman CMXGMAM1125504 Self-Propelled Gas Push Lawn Mower

Craftsman CMXGMAM1125504 Self-Propelled Gas Push Lawn Mower - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English, Spanish)
  • Warranty Guide - (English)
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Table of contents

  • Safety Instructions
  • Slope Guide
  • Unpacking
  • Assembly
  • Adjustments
  • Operation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Pages 
  • Off-Season Storage
  • Troubleshooting


Using Grass Catcher

You can use the grass catcher to collect clippings while you are operating the mower.

  1. Attach grass catcher following instructions in the Assembly section. Grass clippings will automatically collect in bag as you run mower. Operate mower until grass bag is full.
  2. Stop engine completely by releasing the blade control. Make sure that the unit has come to a complete stop.
  3. Lift discharge door and pull grass bag up and away from the mower to remove the bag. Dispose of the grass clippings and reinstall the bag when complete.

Using as Mulcher

For mulching grass, remove the grass catcher or side discharge chute from the mower. When you remove the grass catcher from the mower, ensure the rear mulch plug (if equipped) is installed and allow the rear discharge door to close the rear opening of mower. When you remove the side discharge chute, the mulching cover will close. For effective mulching, do not cut wet grass. If the grass has been allowed to grow in excess of four inches, mulching is not recommended. Use the grass catcher to bag clippings instead.

General Recommendations

  • Always observe safety rules when performing any maintenance.
  • The warranty on this lawn mower does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To receive full value from warranty, operator must maintain the equipment as instructed here.
  • Changing of engine-governed speed will void engine warranty.
  • All adjustments should be checked at least once each season.
  • Periodically check all fasteners and make sure these are tight.

Engine Maintenance

Clean Engine

  • Daily or before every use, clean grass, chaff or accumulated debris from engine. Keep linkage, spring, and controls clean. Keep area around and behind muffler free of any combustible debris.
  • Keeping engine clean allows air movement around engine.
  • Engine parts should be kept clean to reduce the risk of overheating and ignition of accumulated debris.

Mower Maintenance

Cleaning Deck

Clean underside of the mower deck once a season to prevent build-up of grass clippings or other debris. Follow steps below for this job.

  1. Allow the engine to run until it is out of fuel. Do not attempt to pour fuel from the engine. Disconnect spark plug wire. Refer to Engine Operator’s Manual.
  2. Tip mower so that it rests on the housing, keeping the muffler side down. Hold mower firmly.
  3. Scrape and clean the underside of the deck with a suitable tool. Do not spray with water.
  4. Put the mower back on its wheels on the ground.

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  • Power: GAS

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Craftsman CMXGMAM1125504 Questions and Answers

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Do you have to charge the battery before you use it?
It is recommended that you charge the battery before use.

Does the lawnmower come assembled if shipped?
This lawnmower is pre-assembled. It requires a minimal assembly, however it is very easy to assembly.

Why does this include a battery when it is gas powered not rechargeable?
You can use either pull or push start. The battery is provided to power the push start mechanism but the mower can be used without it if you prefer the pull start method.

How long does the battery last before needing to replace it?
There is no way to determine that period of time because there are too many variables that determine the battery life.

Is this JUST an electric start? Can it be converted to pull?
This mower has the capability of electric start and also pull start.

If shipped what will I need to put to assembly?
You would need to position the handlebars, cables and starter cord. You would also need to assemble and attach the grass bag or discharge chute.

Just bought this and started it and when I pull the drive lever the wheels turn backwards not forwards. What the heck?
Craftsman warrants this product against defects, material and workmanship for a period of 2 years starting on the original purchase date. Warranty service is available, with proof of purchase, through your local authorized service dealer.

Does the Dewalt 20 volt battery fit this mower?
The CRAFTSMAN and DEWALT products are not
interchangeable or compatible.

With the height adjustment all the way up the mower is still too low. Is there a way to make the mower go higher?
There is no other way to make the mower deck even higher.