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#1 How to stream to your TV using Airplay?

With AirPlay support, Samsung customers can stream videos, photos, music, podcasts, and more from Apple devices to select Samsung Smart TVs and Smart Monitors.

#2 How do I find single Video on Demand (VOD)?

Tune into any of Samsung TV Plus channels, then press Down on your remote. If you see an "On Demand" button the channel provided single VODs. Click "One Demand" and you will be able to browse single VODs from the channel page. In future, you will be also able to find single VODs directly from the TV Plus homepage.

#3 What Samsung TVs and monitors are AirPlay compatible?

- The AirPlay feature is available on specific Samsung TVs and monitors produced from 2018.
- You can also check if your device is compatible in the settings menu.
- Navigate to Settings, select General, if there is an option for Apple AirPlay Settings then your device is compatible. If there is no option for AirPlay, then your device is not supported.

#4 How to stream photos and videos to your TV?

Using AirPlay you can easily stream photos and videos captured on your device to you your Samsung TV. Before starting, make sure that your TV and Apple device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
1.Open the Photos app
2.Select the photo or video that you want to share
3.Tap the share icon at the bottom left of the screen
4.Tap the AirPlay icon
5.Tap the TV that you want to stream to

#5 How do I disable Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is a pre-installed app on every Samsung Smart TVs from 2017. However, if you do not want to use this service at all, you can disable Samsung TV Plus. Simply highlight it, press the down directional button on your TV remote, and then select Remove > Disable. Then, you will not see Samsung TV Plus from the app launcher and all Samsung TV Plus channels will be deleted at once.

#6 Is this a good TV to watch outside on the patio

The Q70A TV is not recommended to use on an outdoor patio, as it is not IP rated for outdoor use; however, we recommend checking out The Terrace TV from Samsung! The Terrace TV is our IP55 rated outdoor QLED TV which is perfect for partial shade environments. Additionally, you can pair The Terrace TV with The Terrace Soundbar, which is also IP55 rated for outdoor use

#7 Does this tv receive directv

The Direct TV app has been rebranded as the ATT TV app. The ATT TV app is available to download in the built-in App Store. From there, you can use your subscription to access AT&T TV or AT&T TV Now.

#8 Does the hdr look good?

The Q70A features HDR10+ for stunning colors and exceptional, revealing details in the brightest and darkest scenes. HDR10+ format is an exciting scene-based dynamic tone-mapping technology. It automatically matches the dynamic range of the content to the TV on a scene-by-scene basis to maximize the capabilities of the TV, providing the best possible picture.