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User care Dimplex BRN20 Fireplace

Table of contents

  • General
  • Electrical connection
  • Installation
  • Manual Controls
  • Setting the Thermostat
  • Thermal safety cut-out
  • Tips for using your appliance.
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting


To install the appliance:

  1. Remove wall bracket from the back of the appliance, by removing the 2 screws that the wall bracket is fixed with. From the base of the fire chassis a minimum distance from the floor of 300mm - 600mm and minimum distance from the wall of 625mm is highly recommended.
  2. Fix the wall bracket to the wall making sure it is level, using the wall plugs and screws supplied for block walls.
  3. Hang the appliance off the fixed wall bracket. Rotate the safety fixing bracket on the base of the product so that the fixing hole is exposed. Mark this hole and remove the appliance from the wall. Fix plug to the wall in the marked position.
  4. Hang the appliance back on the wall fixing bracket and fix the appliance in place using the screw supplied through the safety fixing bracket.

Tips for using your appliance.

  1. With the flame and smoke setting on minimum the unit will use approximately 40ml of water per hour and will last 3 times as long than when it is at maximum flame setting.
  2. Do not tilt or move the fire while there is water in the tank or sump.
  3. Make sure that the fire is fixed level on the wall.
  4. The flame control knob ‘D’ Fig.2 may be turned up or down to give a more realistic effect.
  5. Sometimes the flames appear more real when the flame control knob is turned down to a low setting.
  6. Give the flame generator some time to react to changes you may make on the flame control knob.


Filling the water tank.

  1. When the water tank is empty, the flame and smoke effect shuts off and you will hear 2 audible ‘beeps,, follow these steps.
  2. Press Switch ‘A’ to off position (0) 
  3. Gently lift out the fuelbed and place carefully on the ground. 
  4. Remove the water tank by lifting upwards and outwards.
  5. Place the water tank in sink and remove cap, Anti-clockwise to open. 
  6. Fill tank with filtered tap water only. This is necessary to prolong the life of the flame and smoke producing unit.
  7. The water should be filtered through a conventional domestic water filter unit and the filter should be replaced regularly.
  8. Screw the cap back on, do not overtighten.
  9. Return the tank to the sump, with the tank cap facing down and the flat side of the tank facing outward.
  10. Gently place the fuelbed back into position.
  11. Press Switch ‘A’ to ‘ON’ ( I ) position 


  • We Recommend cleaning the following components once every 2 weeks, particularly in hard water areas:-Water Tank, Sump, Nozzle, Tank cap and seal, Air filter.
  • For general cleaning use a soft clean duster – never use abrasive cleaners. To remove any accumulation of dust or fluff the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner should occasionally be used to clean the outlet grille of the fan heater.

Water tank

  1. Remove water tank, as described earlier, put into sink and empty water.
  2. Using the supplied brush gently rub the inside surfaces of the cap paying particular attention to the rubber ring in the outer groove and the centre rubber seal.
  3. Put a small quantity of washing up liquid and water into the tank, refit the cap and shake well, rinse out until all traces of washing up liquid are gone.
  4. Refill with filtered tap water only, replace the cap, do not overtighten.

Air filter.

  1. Press Switch ‘A’ to the ‘OFF’ (0) position 
  2. Gently lift out the fuelbed and place carefully on the ground. 
  3. Gently slide upwards the air filter out of its plastic holder.
  4. Gently rinse with water in the sink and dry with fabric towel before returning.
  5. Replace the filter making sure that the course black filter is facing the front of the fire.
  6. Replace the fuelbed.
  7. Press Switch ‘A’ to the ‘ON’ ( I ) position 

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