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User Guide Dimplex HLM20CH Heath

Fuelbed Assembly

Your fire has been supplied with a range of fuelbed material, which you can arrange to your preference.

All product models contain crystals, coal and logs. Some models (Gorstan and Ellister) also contain white pebbles.

Loose coals, pebbles, crystals and logs are packed separately within the carton. When the heater is installed, place the fuelbed material on the fuelbed and arrange to your liking.

We recommend the following step, in order to acheive the optimal effect.

  • Place crystals on fuelbed, covering the top surface of the fuelbed. These will provide a glowing embers effect, when the flame effect is operating. See Fig.1 below. Fig. 1
  • Add coal or pebbles on top of the crystals. Allow for spaces in between coal/pebbles, for the acrylic crystals (glowing embers). See Fig.2 below. Fig. 2
  • Arrange the logs on top, to your preference. Fig.3 below displays a representation for log arrangement. You may wish to not use all of the logs provided.

Thermal Safety Cut-out

  • A thermal safety cut-out is incorporated in the fan heater to prevent damage due to overheating.
  • This can happen if the heat outlet was restricted in any way. If the cut-out operates, unplug the heater from the socket outlet and allow approximately 10 minutes before reconnecting.
  • Before switching the heater back on remove any obstruction that may be restricting the heat outlet, then continue normal operation.


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