Use Manual Bosch SMV88TX02A Dishwasher

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User manual Dishwasher for Bosch SMV88TX02A

Table of contents

  • Intended use
  • Safety instructions
  • Before you switch ON the appliance
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • In daily use
  • Damage
  • Disposal
  • Door lock
  • Environmental protection
  • Packaging
  • Old appliances
  • Getting to know your appliance
  • Control panel
  • Appliance interior
  • Overview of menu
  • Automatic door opening
  • Water softening system / special salt
  • Water hardness table
  • Adjusting the water softening system
  • Using special salt
  • Detergent with a salt component
  • Switching off water softening unit
  • Rinse aid
  • Setting amount of rinse aid
  • Detergent with a
  • rinse aid component
  • Switching off rinse aid refill indicator

In daily use

Read and observe the safety information and instructions for use on the packaging for cleaning and rinsing agents.


  • The appliance may be repaired and opened up by a technician only. To do this, disconnect the appliance from the power supply. Pull out the mains plug or switch off the fuse. Turn off the tap.
  • If the appliance is damaged, especially the control panel cracks, holes, broken buttons), or the door function is impaired, stop operating the appliance. Pull out the mains plug or switch off the fuse. Turn off tap, call customer service.


  • Make redundant appliances unusable to prevent subsequent accidents.
  • Dispose of the appliance in an environmentally friendly manner.

Environmental protection

  • Both the packaging of new appliances and the old appliances themselves contain valuable raw materials and recyclable materials.
  • Please dispose of the individual parts separated according to type.
  • Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local authority about current means of disposal.


  • All plastic parts of the appliance are identified with internationally standardised abbreviations (e.g. PS polystyrene). Therefore, plastic waste can be sorted out when the appliance is being disposed of.
  • Please follow the safety instructions under “Delivery”.

Water softening system / special salt

To ensure good rinsing results, the dishwasher requires soft wate

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