User Manual Dimplex OMWFC20 REDWAY Wall Mounted Electric Fire Heater

Dimplex OMWFC20 REDWAY Wall Mounted Electric Fire Heater - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Table of Contents

  • Important Safety Advice
  • General
  • Electrical connection
  • Manual Controls
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting

Changing lamps.

If a large amount of the smoke appears grey or colourless it may be that one or more lamps have failed. You can check for lamp failure as follows.

  • Leaving the flame effect on, lift out the fuelbed and water tank. (See Fig.3) and lift out the nozzle (See Fig.4)
  • View the lamps from a distance in front of the fire and observe which lamp needs to be changed.
  • Press switch ‘A’ to off (0) position (See Fig.2), and unplug the fire from the mains.
  • Leave the appliance for 20 minutes to allow the lamps to cool down before removing them.
  • Remove the water tank by lifting upwards and place in a sink.
  • Remove the sump as described in the Cleaning Section.
  • Remove the defective lamp, by gently lifting vertically and disengaging the pins from the lamp holder, (See Fig.4 and 4a).
  • Replace with a Dimplex Opti-myst, 12V, 45W, Gu5.3 base, 8o beam angle, coloured lamp. (To purchase replacement lamps go to the section ‘After Sales Service’, details of how to purchace the lamps are contained therein.)
  • Carefully insert the two pins of the new lamp into the two holes in the lamp holder. Push lamp firmly in place. (See Fig.4 and 4a).
  • Replace the nozzle, water tank and fuelbed.
  • Switch on.


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