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User manual Refrigerator for Haier HRF224FS2 

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  • Select a place with strong, level floor. If the floor is not quite level, adjust the height of the screw accordingly (Fig 1).
  • Allow sufficient clearance between the refrigerator's back, also the side wall, so the door can open fully and to minimize noise (Fig 2).
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Direct sunlight may affect the enamel coating. Heat sources nearby will cause higher electricity consumption (Fig 3).
  • Avoid operation of the refrigerator in a moist environment. Too much moisture will cause frost to form on the evaporator, which will in turn, increase energy consumption (Fig 4).
  • Don't connect multiple appliances to one outlet. It may cause fire. To avoid the possibility of electrical shock, ground the refrigerator properly. The earth screw is located on the rear side of the refrigerator (Fig 5).
  • If you wish to connect to the refrigerator to an additional earthing source, attach a grounding wire to the earth junction marked and connect to an external earthing rod.  Contact an electrican to ensure this is done in accordance with local regulations. (Fig 6).
  • After moving the refrigerator, allow to stand for 3-6 hours before switching on, to allow cooling system to settle.

Make a test run

  • Your refrigerator is clean after manufacture, but it is recommended that you wipe all interior surfaces with a warm damp cloth prior to first use.
  • After cleaning, replace all trays, baskets and lids.
  • Keep the door open and plug the power cord into its own electrical outlet. The interior lamp should switch on while the door is open.
  • Properly close the door.

Making Ice Cubes

  • Ice cubes are made in Twist Ice Maker, turn the lever clockwise to empty the ice into Ice Cube Box.
  • Store the ice cubes in the Ice Cube Box. Do not store wet ice cubes or they will stick together.
  • Do not use the "Ice Cube Box" as an ice making tray, or it will be damaged.

Food Storage

  • Refrigerated air goes down at the rear of the fresh food compartment and rises up at the front. Store foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and meats which require immediate cooling at the rear of the cabinet.
  • Leave spaces between foodstuffs to help air circulation. 3. Foodstuffs which are easily dried should be well wrapped with waxed paper, aluminum foil or plastic film.
  • Wrap fish and smoked meats in moisture-vapor-proof material to prevent transfer of odours.
  • Pre-cool hot foods, wrap them with plastic film or put them in an airtight receptacle.
  • Wipe any water off the surface of the bottles before storing them.
  • Do not store carbonated beverages or pressurised containers in the freezer compartment.
  • Do not put vegetables against the rear cabinet or else they may freeze.
  • If planning to keep fresh fish and meats for a long period, wrap them in freezer paper and store in the freezer compartment.


  • Before cleaning the refrigerator, you should always unplug it from the electrical outlet and remove all food.
  • Wipe both the interior and exterior of the refrigerator with warm water and dry with a soft clean cloth.
  • Clean internal trays, containers and racks with warm water and dry with a soft clean cloth.
  • Clean the door gaskets with warm water and dry with a soft clean cloth.
  • Wipe the control knob with a soft clean cloth. Never wash it with water because this may cause an electric shock.
  • Never use brushes, acids, chemical thinner, gasoline or benzine for cleaning any part of the refrigerator.
  • To remove odours from your fridge, mix a lemon skin with warm water. Wipe the interior of the fridge thoroughly and dry with a soft clean cloth.
  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator and door gasket once a month. It is the best to clean the freezer compartment every time when it is switched off.

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