User Manual Haier HRF454TS2 450L Top Mount Fridge Satina

Haier HRF454TS2 450L Top Mount Fridge Satina - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual of Haier HRF454TS2 (21 pages)
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MUST hold a Gas Work Authorisation for hydrocarbon refrigerants, to carry out Servicing or repairs which involve the removal of covers.
Do not put hot on the parts in the appliance.
Do not place food pro ducts direc the rear wall.
Frozen food must not be re-frozen once it has

Store pre-packed frozen food in accordance with the frozen food nufactures instructions.
,Appliances manufactures st recommendations s rictly adh
Refer to r elevant instruct
Do not place carbonated of fizzy drinks in zer compartment as ates pressure on the contai ner, which may cause it to expl resulting in damage to the appliance. lollies can cause frost burns if consumed straight f appliance. damaged it replaced b similarly persons in replace the LED st only be replaced by u

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