User Manual LG CM9550 2800w 4.2ch Mini Shelf System

LG CM9550 2800w 4.2ch Mini Shelf System - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English)
  • Specification - (English)

OWNER’S MANUAL Mini Hi- fi System for LG CM9550

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
  • Safety Information
  • Unique Features
  • Accessories
  • Playable file Requirement
  • Music file requirement
  • Compatible USB Devices
  • USB device requirement
  • Remote control
  • Front panel
  • Rear panel
  • Connecting
  • How to Affix the Ferrite Core
  • Affix the Ferrite Core for power cord and speaker cables
  • Connecting to speakers
  • Attaching the speaker light cables to the unit
  • Stacking the speakers
  • Optional Equipment Connection
  • AUX IN Connection
  • PORT. IN Connection
  • USB Connection
  • Antenna Connection
  • Operating
  • Troubleshooting
  • General
  • Appendix


Notes on Discs

  • Handling Discs: Never stick paper or tape on the disc.
  • Storing Discs: After playing, store the disc in its case. Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight or sources of heat and never leave it in a parked car exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Cleaning Discs: Fingerprints and dust on the disc can cause poor picture quality and sound distortion. Before playing, clean the disc with a clean cloth. Wipe the disc from the center to out. Do not use strong solvents such as alcohol, benzine, thinner, commercially available cleaners, or anti-static spray intended for old vinyl records.

Handling the Unit

  • When shipping the unit: Please save the original shipping carton and packing materials. If you need to ship the unit, for maximum protection, re-pack the unit as it was originally packed at the factory.
  • Keeping the exterior surfaces clean: Do not use volatile liquids such as insecticide spray near the unit. Wiping with strong pressure may damage the surface. Do not leave rubber or plastic products in contact with the unit for a long period of time.
  • Cleaning the unit: To clean the player, use a soft, dry cloth. If the surfaces are extremely dirty, use a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use strong solvents such as alcohol, benzine, or thinner, as these might damage the surface of the unit.
  • Maintaining the Unit: The unit is a high-tech, precision device. If the optical pick-up lens and disc drive parts are dirty or worn, the picture quality could be diminished. For details, please contact your nearest authorized service center.

Connecting to speakers

Connect the speaker cable plugs to the SPEAKERS connector. Make sure to connect the speaker’s plug to the corresponding colored speaker connector when connecting the plug.

Attaching the speaker light cables to the unit: To connect the speaker light cable to the unit, insert the cable to SPEAKER LIGHTING SYSTEM connectors on the unit. Caution: Make sure that the jacks and the speakers are matched correctly. Make sure to connect the cables to connectors tightly on the unit. 

Stacking the speakers: You can listen to the best sound quality when you stack the speakers. Refer to the below.

Before stacking: You have to position the unit and the speakers before connecting the speakers. Note that the illustrations below are differ from the actual unit.

Stacking the speakers

  1. You install Subwoofer speaker on a flat surface. (It is recommended that at least two people to carry by left and right).
  2. Attach the rubber foot on the Subwoofer speaker.
  3.  As shown below, Front speaker place on Subwoofer speaker.

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