User Manual Vevor RGG-003 Hot Dog Steamer, 36l/32.69qt, Top Load Hut Steamer For 100 Hot Dogs & 48 Buns, Electric Bun Warmer Cooker

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RGG-003 photo
Warming Showcase
Warranty card
Product name
User name and address
Purchase date date
Distribution unit
(Gai Zhang)
Production code
This product implementation of the "three packs", such as
failure of the user can not be ruled out, you can contact
our factory or the local maintenance department to
resolve, in the after-sales maintenance free of charge
within six months.
The user must fill in the purchase is the warranty card,
and executed by the dealer unit signature, after the use
of the card number service.
Where the use of the provisions of the provisions of the
wiring, improper use, transport and other damage caused
by the need to replace parts of the product, the factory
only to recover parts costs.
shall be my factory "three bags" maintenance, please
contact me with a letter or telephone factory, and
explain the number of products, and damage.
Product specification
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