User Manual Vevor M1B-LS-3302 Thickness Planer 12.5inch Thickness Planer Woodworking 15AMP Double Cutter Benchtop Thickness Planer 1800W

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User Manual

For M1B-LS-3302. Also, The document are for others Vevor models: M1B-LS-3051, M1B-LS-3301, M1B-LS-3302

MODEL: M1B-LS-3051
MODEL: M1B-LS-3301
MODEL: M1B-LS-3302
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Vevor M1B-LS-3302 Questions and Answers

#1 What is the hight of the stand from floor to to top of stand without the planer on it?

23 inchs. I added locking rollers its now 251/2 inches

#2 What is the power specification of this machine? Also is this unit UL listed?

It is 1800W. It doesn't have UL listed.

#3 Can this remobe old paint from the old 2x6 studs ?

It can remove the paint but it will dull your blades

#4 In a previous answers you state that the number of blades is "2 double Blades" to confirm the total count, are there 4 blades on the cutting head?

No, there are 2 blades.

#5 What is the maximum thickness of board that can be ran? ( height)

I think it is 6" is the maximum