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This manual explains the proper installation and use of your cooker hood,
please read it carefully before using even if you are familiar with the product.
The manual should be kept in a safe place for future reference.
Never to do:
Do not try to use the cooker hood
without the grease filters or if the filters
are excessively greasy!
Do not install above a cooker with a
high level grill.
Do not leave frying pans unattended
during use because overheated fats or
oils might catch fire.
Never leave naked flames under the
cooker hood.
If the cooker hood is damaged, do not
attempt to use.
Do not flambé under the cooker hood.
CAUTION: Accessible parts may
become hot when used with cooking
The minimum distance between the
supporting surface for the cooking
vessels on the hob and the lowest part
of the cooker hood. (When the cooker
hood is located above a gas appliance,
this distance shall be at least 65 cm)
The air must not be discharged into a
flue that is used for exhausting fumes
from appliances burning gas or other
fuels. Range hoods and other cooking
fume extractors may adversely affect
the safe operation of appliances
burning gas or other fuels (including
those in other rooms) due to back flow
of combustion gases. These gases
can potentially result in carbon
monoxide poisoning. After installation
of a range hood or other cooking fume
extractor, the operation of open flued
gas appliances should be tested by a
competent person to ensure that back
flow of combustion gases does not
Always to do:
Important! Always switch off the
electricity supply at the mains during
installation and maintenance such as
light bulb replacement.
The cooker hood must be installed in
accordance with the installation
instructions and all measurements
All installation work must be carried
out by a competent person or qualified
Please dispose of the packing material
carefully. Children are vulnerable to it.
Pay attention to the sharp edges
inside the cooker hood especially
during installation and cleaning.
Make sure the ducting has no bends
sharper than 90 degrees as this will
reduce the efficiency of the cooker
Warning: Failure to install the screws
or fixing device in accordance with
these instructions may result in
electrical hazards
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