Sengled 19070083 Alexa Light Bulb

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For 19070083.

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Sengled Smart Bluetooth LED bulbs oer an easy solution
to having voice-controllable and app-controllable smart
lighting in your home. These bulbs enable you to control
your lights in multiple ways—on/o, dimming, routines,
Away mode, etc. — through the Alexa app on your phones
or simply voice commands.
Note: The Alexa devices that supports BLE Mesh
connection includes: Echo 2nd Gen, Echo 3rd Gen, Echo
Dot 2nd Gen, Echo Dot 3rd Gen, Echo Dot 3rd Gen with
clock, Echo Plus 1st Gen, Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 1st
Gen, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, Echo Show 10, Echo Spot,
Echo Input, Echo Flex, Echo Studio.
To get the full compatible device list, please visit
Important Safety Information:
Before installing the Sengled Smart LED bulbs, please read
and follow all precautions, including:
Turn o power before installation or removal. Discontinue
use if damaged.
Warning: risk of electric shock. Do not attempt to
disassemble bulb.
Not suitable for use with wall dimmers.
Suitable for use in operating environment between
-4°F and 104°F (-20°C and 40°C).
Not for use in emergency lighting.
Indoor use only.
Wireless Specification
Wireless Frequency Range: 2402~2480MHz
Operating channels: CH0~CH39
Maximum Transmitted Output Power: 10dBm
Works with Amazon Echo Devices
Sengled Smart Bluetooth Mesh LED Bulb
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