Frigidaire FGHT1846KP0 Official Refrigerator

User Manual - Page 10

For FGHT1846KP0.

PDF File Manual, 12 pages, Download pdf file

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Protecting your investment
Keeping your refrigerator clean maintains appearance and prevents odor build-up. Wipe up any spills immediately and clean the
freezer and fresh food compartments at least twice a year. When cleaning, take the following precautions:
* Never use CHLORIDE or cleaners with bleach to clean stainless steel.
. Do not wash any removable parts in a dishwasher.
* Always unplug the electrical power cord from the wall outlet before cleaning.
. Remove adhesive labels by hand. Do not use razor blades or other sharp instruments which can scratch the appliance surface.
* Do not remove the serial plate.
Do not use abrasive cleaners such as window sprays, scouring cleansers, brushes, flammable fluids, cleaning waxes, concentrated
detergents, bleaches or cleansers containing petroleum products on plastic parts, interior doors, gaskets or cabinet liners. Do not
use paper towels, metallic scouring pads, or other abrasive cleaning materials or strong alkaline solutions.
If you set your temperature controls to turn off cooling, power to lights and other electrical components will continue until you
unP!Ug !he P0wer c0rd from the wall outlet.
. Pull the refrigerator straight out to move it. Shifting it from side to side may damage flooring. Be careful not to move the
refrigerator beyond the plumbing connections.
* Damp objects stick to cold metal surfaces. Do not touch refrigerated surfaces with wet or damp hands.
If you store or move your refrigerator in freezing temperatures, be sure to completely drain the water supply system. Failure to do so
could result in water leaks when the refrigerator is put back into service. Contact a service representative to perform this operation.
Care & Cleaning Tips
What To Use = Tips and Precautions
Interior & Door * Soap and water Use 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 1 quart of warm water. Be sure to
Liners * Baking soda and water wring excess water out of sponge or cloth before cleaning around
controls, light bulb or any electrical part.
Door Gaskets Soap and water Wipe gaskets with a c ean soft c oth.
Drawers & Bins * Soap and water Use a soft cloth to clean drawer runners and tracks.
Glass Shelves I" soaP and Water Ail0W glass t0 Warm to r0om temperature before immersing in warm water.
, Glass cleaner
Mild liquid sprays -
Toe Grille * Soap and water Vacuum dust from front of toe grille. Remove toe grille (see Installation
Mild liquid sprays Instructions). Vacuum backside, wipe with sudsy cloth or sponge. Rinse
Vacuum attachment and dry.
Exterior & , S0ap and Do not use commercia! househo!d cleaners containing ammonia, bleach or
Handles' Non Abrasive Glass Cleaner alcohol to clean handles. Use a soft cloth to clean smooth handles, DO
. NOT use a dry cloth to clean smooth doors,
Exterior & * Soap and water Never use CHLORIDE or cleaners with bleach to clean stainless steel.
(Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Cleaners Clean stainless steel front and handles with non-abrasive soapy water and
Models Only) a dishcloth. Rinse with clean water and a soft cloth. Use a non-abrasive
stainless steel cleaner. These cleaners can be purchased at most home im-
provement or major department stores. Always follow manufacturer's in-
structions. Do not use household cleaners containing ammonia or bleach.
NOTE: Always clean, wipe and dry with the grain to prevent
scratching. Wash the rest of the cabinet with warm water and mild liquid
detergent. Rinse well, and wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.
Replacing Light Unplug reffigerat0r
Bulbs * Wear gloves CAUTION: Wear gloves when replacing light bulbs to avoid get-
J* Remove Ight cover ring cut.
. Replace old bulb Use same wattage when replacing bulb .........................................................
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