User Manual Frigidaire FGHT1846KP0 Official Refrigerator

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Top Hinge Top Hinge
Cover Front Cover Rear
Screw _ _ Screw
Tools Necessary:
Phillips '_ Head
The direction in which your refrigerator doors open (door swing) can be reversed, from left to right or right to left, by
moving door hinges from one side to the other, eversing the dOOr g should be performed by a qual!fied person. ...............
Before you begin, turn the refrigerator temperature control to "0" and remove the electrical power cord from the wall
Remove any food from door shelves.
Door removal and reversal instructions:
_ Top Hinge 1
Remove toe grille.
Remove top hinge cover. Trace around the hinge with a soft lead pencil. This
makes reinstallation easier. Remove top hinge and lift door off center hinge pin.
Set door aside.
Top Hinge
3 Unscrew center hinge pin using adjustable wrench and save for reassembly.
Ensure plastic washer stays on hinge pin.
4 Lift refrigerator door off of bottom hinge and set aside.
5 Remove center hinge and shim by removing inside screw and loosening two
outside screws enough to allow hinge and shim to slide out. Tighten screws.
6 Loosen two outside screws on opposite side of refrigerator, remove inside screw
and install center hinge.
7 Remove two screws on bottom hinge with 3/8" socket wrench.
8 Install bottom hinge on opposite side with the two screws removed from step 7.
9 Unscrew bottom hinge pin using adjustable wrench. Move hinge pin to other hole
in hinge and tighten with adjustable wrench.
10 Reverse door handles (see instruction on next page).
11 Move freezer and refrigerator door stops to opposite side. Before starting screws,
use an awl to puncture the foam.
12 Position refrigerator door onto bottom hinge pin and screw center hinge pin through
center hinge into top of door. Close refrigerator door to help align hinge hole.
Tighten center hinge pin with adjustable wrench.
Remove cabinet and hinge hole plugs
Lower freezer door onto center hinge
Close freezer door. Have an assistant
tightening screws to install top hinge.
Flip toe grille and reinstall.
Plug in electrical power cord and turn
position. Adjust setting as necessary.
and move to opposite side.
lift up on opposite side of door while
refrigerator temperature control to center