TCL 65C635 C635 Qled 4k Tv

User Manual - Page 9

For 65C635.

PDF File Manual, 19 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Connections and Setup
Switching On
Follow the instructions on this page on how to switch on your TV set and
the remote control before going on to following pages describing how to
use the channel set-up procedure.
1. Insert two AAA batteries in the remote control.
Precautions on using batteries:
- Only use the battery types specied.
- Make sure you use the correct polarity.
- Do not mix new and used batteries.
- Do not use rechargeable batteries.
- Do not expose batteries to excessive heat such as sunshine, re or
the like, throw them in a re, recharge them or try to open them, as
this could cause them to leak or explode.
- Remove the batteries from the remote control if you are not using it
for a long period of time.
- Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery
2. Connect the power cable FIRST to the television, THEN to a mains
socket. (
If the power cable is connected to the television, please
only connect the power cable to the mains socket.
Your TV set should only be connected to an AC supply. It must not be
connected to a DC supply. If the plug is detached from the cable, do
not, under any circumstances, connect it to a mains socket, as there is
a risk of electric shock.
The gures are for representation only, the location of power
socket of the television might dier depending on the model.
3. Connect an outside aerial to the
socket at the back of
the TV set.
The aerial socket (75 OHM - VHF / UHF / cable) can be used for
connecting an external aerial or other equipment tted.
4. When powered on, the TV will be turned on directly or be in standby
If the power indicator lights up, the TV set is in standby mode. Press
button on the remote control or on the TV set to turn on the TV.
Switching O󰀨
To put the TV set into standby mode, press the
button on the
remote control. The TV set remains powered up, but with low energy
To switch o󰀨 the TV set, unplug the mains socket from the mains
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