TCL 65C635 C635 Qled 4k Tv

User Manual - Page 17

For 65C635.

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Other Information
Most problems you encounter with your TV can be corrected by consulting the following troubleshooting list.
No picture, no sound
1. Check if the fuse or circuit breaker is working.
2. Plug another electrical device into the outlet to make
sure it is working or turned on.
3. Power plug is in a bad contact with the outlet.
4. Check the signal source.
No colour
1. Change the colour system.
2. Adjust the saturation.
3. Try another channel. Black-white program may be
Remote control does not work
1. Change the batteries.
2. Batteries are not installed correctly.
3. Main power is not connected.
No picture, normal sound
1. Adjust the brightness and contrast.
2. Broadcasting failure may happen.
Normal picture, no sound
1. Press the
button to increase volume.
2. Volume is set to mute, press the
button to
restore sound.
3. Change the sound system.
4. Broadcasting failure may happen.
Unorderly ripples on the picture
It is usually caused by local interference, such as cars,
daylight lamps and hair driers. Adjust the antenna to
minimize the interference.
Snowy dots and interference
If the antenna is located in the fringe area of a television
signal where the signal is weak, the picture may be
marred by dots. When the signal is extremely weak, it
may be necessary to install a special antenna to improve
the reception.
1. Adjust the position and orientation of the indoor/
outdoor antenna.
2. Check the connection of antenna.
3. Fine tune the channel.
4. Try another channel. Broadcasting failure may
Black spots or horizontal streaks appear, or the picture
utters or drifts. This is usually caused by interference
from car ignition system, neon lamps, electric drills, or
other electrical appliance.
Ghosts are caused by the television signal following two
paths. One is the direct path, the other is reected from
tall buildings, hills, or other objects. Changing the
or position of the antenna may improve the reception.
Radio frequency interference
This interference produces moving ripples or diagonal
streaks, and in some case, loss of contrast in the picture.
Find out and remove the radio interference source.
*To bring you better visual experience, please remove
all labels, if any, from TV front panel and screen before
*Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are
provided for reference only and may dier from actual
product appearance. Product design and specications
may be changed without notice.
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