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Please do not return unit to retailer.

Por favor. no devuelva el aparato al lugar de compra.

Veuillez ne pas retourner I'outil au ddtaillant. 1-800-554-6723

Operator's Manual Manual del Operador Manuel de I'utilisateur

PE225 M

DANGER: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before using this product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.

PELIGRO: Lea el manual del operador y siga todas tas advertencias e instruc ciones de seguridad. El no hacerlo puede resultar en lesiones graves.

DANGER: Life le manuel de I'utilisateur et bien respecter tousles avertisse merits et toutes tes instructions de s6curit6. Tout defaut de le faire pourrait entrainer des blessures graves.

Frigidaire Home Products.


GA 30907 WCI Outdoor Products. Inc.

530087456 02/04/98

WARNING: When using electric edg ers. basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire. electric shock. and personal injury. Read all instructions and safety information throughout this manual.

DANGER: THIS POWER TOOL CAN BE DANGEROUS! This unit can cause seri ous injury including amputation or blind hess to operator and others. The warn ings and safety instructions in this manual must be followed to provide rea sonable safety and efficiency in using this unit. The operator is responsible for following warnings and instructions in this manual and on unit. Read entire Operator's Manual before assembling and using this unit! Restrict use of this power tool to persons who read. under stand. and follow warnings and instruc tions in this manual and on the unit.

Safety on Labels unit


• Dress properly. Always wear safety glasses or similar eye protection when operating. or performing main tenance on your unit. (Safety glasses are available.) Always wear face or dust mask if operation is dusty. Al ways wear heavy. long pants. long sleeves. boots. and gloves.

Do not go barefoot or wear sandals.

• Secure hair above shoulder length.

Secure or remove loose clothing and jewelry or clothing with loosely hang ing ties. straps. tassels. etc. They can be caught in moving parts.

• Being fully covered also helps pro tect you from debris and pieces of toxic plants thrown by the blade.

• Stay alert. Do not operate unit when you are tired. ill. or under influence of alcohol. drugs. or medication.

Watch what you are doing; use common sense.

• Avoid unintentional starting of the unit. Never carry the unit with your finger on the switch.

Be sure the

CAUTION: Blade rotates momentarily after the switch is released.


• Use only a 120 A.C. voltage supply as shown on the nameplate of unit.

• Avoid dangerous situations.

Do not use inthe presence of flammable liq uids or gases to avoid creating a fire or explosion and/or causing damage to unit.

WARNING: Avoid a dangerous environment.

To reduce the risk of electrical shock. do not use in rain. in damp or wet locations. or around swimming pools. hot tubs. etc. Do not expose to snow. rain. or water to avoid the possibility of electrical shock.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of elec trical shock. use extension cords specifi cally marked as suitable for outdoor appliances having an electrical rating not less than the rating of the unit. The cord must be marked with the suffix "W-A." Use a polarized cord. Make sure your extension cord is in good condition. Re place damaged cords. An undersized extension cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting in loss of power and overheating.

If in doubt. use the next heavier gauge. The smaller the gauge number the heavier the cord (NOTE: The chart in the Extension Cord section shows correct size to be used depend ingoo cord length).

• Do not attempt to repair unit. Inspect insulation and connectors on unit and appliance cord before each use.

If there is any damage. do not use until damage is repaired by an Au thorized Service Dealer.

• inspectextensioncordsbeforeeach useandreplaceifdamaged.

• Don'tabusecord.Nevercarryunit bythecordoryankextensioncordto disconnect unit.

• Toreducethepossibility oftheex tensioncorddisconnecting fromthe unitduringoperation. tiethepower cordontheunittotheextension cord asshownintheExtension Cordsec tion.Insertcordsocketontheunit intotheextension cordreceptacle.

• Donotuseunitiftheswitchdoesnot turntheunitonandoffproperly.

Re pairstotheswitchmustbemadeby anAuthorized ServiceDealer.

• Keepextension cordclearofopera tor. nit. ndobstaclesatalltimes.

Donotexposethecordtoheat. il. water. rsharpedges.

• Avoidanybodycontactwithany grounded conductor. suchasmetal pipesorwirefences. oavoidthe possibility ofelectricshock.

• GroundFaultCircuitInterrupter (GFCl) protection shouldbeprovidedonthe circuitoroutlettobeusedforthis unit.Receptacles areavailablehav ingbuilt-inGFClprotection andmay beusedforthismeasure ofsafety.

• Toreducetheriskofelectricshock. thisunithasapolarizedplug(one bladeiswiderthantheother)andwill requiretheuseofapolarizedexten sioncord.Thisplugwillfitintoapo larizedextension cordonlyoneway.

Iftheplugdoesnotfitfullyintothe extension cord. eversetheplug.Ifit stilldoesnotfit. btainacorrectpo larizedextension cord.

Apolarized extensioncordwillre quiretheuseofapolarizedwallout let.Thisplugwillfitintothepolarized walloutletonlyoneway.Iftheplug doesnotfitintothewalloutlet. e versetheplug.Ifit stilldoesnotfit. contactaqualifiedelectrician to installtheproperwalloutlet.Donot changetheequipment plug. xten sioncordreceptacle. orextension cordpluginanyway.


• Do not attempt to repair unit. Inspect entire unit and extension cord before

• Always keep unit in front of your body.

Keep hands and feet away from cut ting area.

• Hold the unit firmly with both hands.

• Do not overreach or use from unsta ble support.

Keep firm footing and balance at all times.

• Keep wheels in contact with ground.

• Do not raise the unit above the ground.

The blade can come dan gerously close to your body.

• Always push unit slowly over ground.

Stay alert for uneven sidewalks. holes in terrain. large roots. etc.

• Do not force the unit; it will do the job better and with less likelihood of a risk of injury at the rate for which it


• Maintain unit with care. Maintain unit according to recommended proce dures. Follow instructions for chang ing blades in the SERVICE AND AD JUSTMENTS section.

Keep blade and blade guard clean to reduce the risk of injury.

• Never start unit with blade guard re moved; blade can fly off or can throw objects and cause serious injury.

• Disconnect unit from the power source before performing mainte nance or changing blades.

• Use only genuine Weed Eater re placement parts as recommended.

• Have all maintenance and service not explained in this manual per formed by an Authorized Service Dealer.


• Never douse or squirt the unit with water or any other liquid. Clean the unit and labels with a damp sponge.

Keep handles dry. clean. and free from oil and grease.


• Transport unit with motor stopped and the blade away from your body.

• Do not grasp or hold exposed blade.

• Unplug unit before Storing; secure unit when transporting it in a vehicle.

• Store unit so the blade cannot acci dentally cause injury. The unit can be hung by the handle.

• Store unit indoors.

Store unit un plugged in a high. dry place out of reach of children.

If situations occur which are not cov ered in this manual. use care and good judgment.

If you need assis tance. contact your nearest Authorized Service Dealer or call 1-800-554-6723.


Edger Screws Locknuts Operator's Manual Examine parts for damage.

Do not use damaged parts.

NOTE: If you need assistance or find parts missing or damaged. call 1-800-554-6723.

ASSEMBLY WARNING: If received assembled. repeat all steps to ensure your unit is properly assembled and all fasteners are secure.

This Operator's Manual has been de veloped to help you assemble the unit and to provide its safe operation.

It is important that you read the entire man ual to become familiar with the unit be fore you begin assembly.

Read your Operator's Manual Tools you will need:

• Phillips Screwdriver


• Insert tube into housing as shown.

Align the screw holes.

• Insert Iocknuts into the pockets in the housing.

• Insert screws through aligned holes.

• Thread screws into Iocknuts; tighten.

Tube Locknuts



EXTENSION CORD Use only a 120 A.C. voltage supply as shown on nameplate of the unit to power your edger.

The extension cord used to reach the power source must be:

• Specifically marked as suitable for outdoor use. The cord must be marked with the suffix "W-A."

• Heavy enough to carry current from the power source the full length of the extension cord to the unit. Otherwise. loss of power and overheating can oc cur causing damage to unit. Refer to chart for minimum wire gauge recom mendations. The cord must be marked with the proper wire gauge. (Appropriate extension cords are avail able.) Do not use multiple cords.

• In good condition.

Cord insulation must be intact with no cracks or deterioration.

Plug connectors must be undamaged.



+American Wire Gauge

Secure extension cord to unit:

• Tie the power plug on the unit to the extension cord as shown.

• Insert plug into cord socket.

Power Plug on Extension Unit- & Cord

DOUBLE INSULATION CONSTRUCTION This unit is Double Insulated to help protect against electric shock. Double insulation construction consists of two separate "layers" of electrical insula tion instead of grounding.

Tools and appliances built with a double insulation system are not in

WARNING: All electrical repairs to this unit. including housing. switch. motor. etc. must be diagnosed and re paired by qualified service personnel.

Replacement parts for a double insu lated appliance must be identical to the parts they replace.

A double insulated appliance is marked with the words DOUBLE INSULATION or DOUBLE INSU LATED. The symboliC] (square within a square) may also be marked on the appliance.

Failure to have the unit re paired by an Authorized Service Deal er can cause the double insulation construction to become ineffective and result in serious injury.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING POSITION Your unit has two operating positions. one for edging. one for beveling.

To set operating position:

• Move pivot locking lever toward the handle. Pivot motor to the desired position. Release pivot locking lever. making sure motor locks into position.

LFoVng Lever

EDGING METHODS WARNING: The operator or others must not try to clear away cut material with the motor running or the blade turning to avoid serious injury.

WARNING: Stop motor and blade and disconnect unit from power source before removing materials wrapped around blade shaft to avoid injury.

• Allow the motor to reach full speed before entering the material to be

Blade rotates mo mentarily after the switch is released.

Stop rotating blade by contact with cut material.

• Always release the switch and allow motor to stop when not cutting.

• To stop the motor. release the switch; allow blade to stop turning before re moving it from the cut.

As you become familiar with your edger. you will be able to determine your own operating pace. Conditions such as depth of cut. angle of cut. and material being cut will regulate the speed and time required for your edging job.

EDGING--yields precise. losecutting aroundsidewalks. driveways. patios. tc.


BEVELING--provides a wider cut or trench around sidewalks. driveways. patios. etc. Beveling removes more material and therefore increases motor load. Be careful to cut slowly to avoid motor stalling or overload. which may damage the motor.




• Allow the blade to reach full speed before placing the blade in the cut.

Be careful to cut slowly to avoid mo tor stalling or overload. which may damage the motor.

• Keep your edging path straight by keeping the edge guide in contact with the edge of the walkway.

• Always work going away from people and solid objects such as walls. large stones. trees. automobiles. etc.

• Be careful when edging near trees or valuable plants.

The high speed met al blade may cut roots and cause damage to the plants.

• Always keep blade area clean. Stop the unit. make sure blade has com pletely stopped turning. and discon nect unit from the power source be fore cleaning.

• If blade stalls. immediately raise the blade from the cut by lowering the handle.

If blade continues to stall when raised. stop the unit. discon nect the power source. and inspect the blade area for blockage or dam age. Clean the blade area of debris.


Check for Loose fasteners and parts Check for damaged or worn parts Clean unit and labels

WHEN TO PERFORM Before each use

Before each use After each use


• Blade

• Blade guard Housing Screws : Handle Screws

• Wheels CHECK FOR DAMAGED OR WORN PARTS Refer replacement of damaged/worn parts to an Authorized Service Dealer.

• Trigger Switch Ensure trigger switch functions properly by releas ing the switch.

Make sure motor stops and blade stops turning; then restart motor and continue.

• Blade Guard - Discontinue use of unit if blade guard is damaged.


• Clean the unit using a damp cloth with a mild detergent.

• Wipe off unit with a clean dry cloth.

BLADE MAINTENANCE WARNING: The blade will spin mo mentarily after the motor stops. Make sure blade has stepped turning and disconnect unit from the power source before performing work on the blade.

CAUTION: Wear protective gloves when handling or performing mainte nance on blade to help avoid in ury.

+ Use the proper rep acement bade.

Contact your dealer for a replace merit blade.

+ The blade is reversible.

When the cutting edge on one side becomes worn. turn the blade over.

+ Check blade for flatness periodically.

Lay the blade on a flat surface and inspect the blade for flatness.

Throw away a blade that is not flat.

WARNING: Always replace a blade that is bent. warped. cracked. broken. or damaged in any other way. Never attempt to straighten and reuse a dam aged blade. Use only the specified re placement blade.

To reverse or replace blade:

+ Disconnect unit from power source.

+ Fit a wrench onto the shaft behind the blade.

+ Using another wrench. remove hex nut by turning clockwise.

+ Remove cupped washer and spring washer.

+ Remove the blade.

+ Clean all parts and check for dam age. Replace damaged parts.

+ Reverse or replace blade. Reinstall blade onto shaft.

+ install the spring washer. making sure the outer. notched edge con tacts the blade.

+ install the cup washer. making sure the lip of the washer is facing toward the spring washer.

+ install the hex nut by turning counter clockwise; tighten securely.

Spring Washer Blade

Hex Nut


Loosen Tighten

Prepare unit for storage at the end of the season or if it will not be used for 30 days or more.

WARNING: Secure the unit before storing or transporting.

+ Store unit with all guards in place.

Position unit so that any sharp object cannot accidentally cause injury.

Store unit well out of reach of children.


+ Clean the entire unit.

+ inspect the blade area and clean any dirt. grass. leaves. or debris that has collected. inspect the blade and blade guard; replace a blade that is bent. warped. cracked. broken. or damaged in any other way.

+ Replace a damaged or worn blade ' vX'eerrn a" ela'vS;? ces"


Blade stops

• Forcing blade into material.

• Cut at a slower pace. under a load

• Blade guard clogged with debri. .• Clean blade guard area. or does not

• Edge guide bent toward blade.

• Replace edge guide. turn when

• Unit unplugged.

• Plug unit into a 120 volt outlet switch is

• Fuse blown/circuit breaker off.

• Replace fuse/reset breaker. pressed. •Worn spring washer.

• Replace spring washer.

• None of the above.

• Contact your Service Dealer.

Blade turns

• Incorrect or worn blade.

• Replace blade. but will not cut •Worn spring washer. •Replace spring washer.

Edger drags •Wheel mount(s) broken.

Contact your Service Dealer. ground or cuts too deep


Division WCI Outdoor Products.

Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that each new Weed Eater or Poulan Pro brand electric or cordless prod uct is free from defects in material and work manship and agrees to repair or replace under this warranty any defective Weed Eater or Poulan Pro brand electric or cordless product within two (2) years from the original date of purchase.

If your Weed Eater or Poulan Pro brand elec tric or cordless product should fail within the limitod warranty period. return it. complete. prepaid. with proof of purchase. to the dealer from whom it was purchased for repair or re placement at the option of FRIGIDAIRE HOME PRODUCTS.

This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damage or liability caused by improper handling. improper maintenance or the use of accessories and/or attachments not specifi cally recommended by FRIGIDAIRE HOME PRODUCTS for this tool.

Additionally. this warranty does not cover parts that will wear






FRIGIDAIRE HOME PRODUCTS policy is to continuously improve its products.


FRIGIDAIRE HOME PRODUCTS reserves the right to change. modify. or discontinue models. designs. specifications. and acces sories of all products at any time without notice or obligation to any purchaser.

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