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User manual of EvaKool TMX65 (12 pages)
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1 Safety Instructions

• Warning: Do not touch exposed cables .

• Warning: Do not use fridge if you suspect any connections could be wet .

• When using the fridge please ensure the circuit being used is fused .

• Any installation of DC power sources should be handled by a qualified professional .

• Make sure the source voltage is correct. The technical data label shows the voltage data .

• Do not place any electrical devices inside the refrigerator as moisture could harm these

2. Notes On Using The Product

• Your refrigerator requires good ventilation. especially around the vents of the

• Avoid humidity: humidity inside the appliance can form frost and impair cooling .

Do not allow frost to build up .

• Never wash the appliance using a hose or running water and never submerge the unit.

• Avoid placing your refrigerator near a heat source. A cooler environment helps the

• Place the refrigerator on a flat surface and away from any edges. When using the fridge


3. Operation

• Power: The refrigerator can be powered by a multi-voltage system utilising either 12/24

Volts or 240 Volts. The electronic module controls the compressor motor and has the added function of a three stage battery protection. When the input voltage drops below the minimum. the compressor will cut out; when the voltage comes back up to the cut in value. the compressor will restart automatically .

• Battery Protection: The Secop compressor requires over 10 .4 Volts (12 Volt System)

• Cable Specification: The DC cables must have a suitable cross-section for their length

(measured from the battery to the unit). according to this table:

Cable Thickness (Area) V Max Cable Length

(mm2) AWG (m) (ft) (m) (ft)

2 .5 2 .5


USB Port

• USB Port – This USB port can be used to charge small devices. E .g. mobile phones and

Thermostat Override Switch

• If your digital thermostat fails and you are unable to set the temperature. turn this switch

• If emergency override is enabled the compressor will run 100% of the time. As this

USB Charging Port and Thermostat Override Switch

USB Charging


Thermostat Override



4. Cleaning & Maintenance

• Clean the appliance inside and out with a damp cloth every week. If it is dirty. use

• Never use abrasive products. detergents or soap. After washing. rinse with clean water

• Never clean the appliance under running water. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or

5. Troubleshooting

The appliance is not turning on

• Check the power supply .

• Check whether the plug and the socket have a good connection .

• Check whether the fuse has been burned out .

• Check whether the appliance has been turned on (Press and hold ON/OFF button) .

The food inside is frozen

• The setting temperature is too low .

• Thermostat override switch is enabled .

Bad performance in refrigeration

• Too much food been placed inside the refrigerator .

• The lid is unlocked/or open .

• The lid seal is broken .

• Problems arising from poor ventilation .

• There is too much warm product inside .

• There is no room around the fridge and vents .

• There is a heat source near the unit .

• The temperature setting is inappropriate .

Hear the sound of water from inside the unit

• This is normal. due to the flow of the refrigerant .

Unusual noise when refrigerator is working

• The refrigerator is not placed on a level surface .

• Some part has come loose inside the refrigeration compartment (see a service agent) .

If none of the above solves your issue please contact Evakool on 1300 385 665 or


6. Error Codes

The error codes are depicted by a number of flashes by the error light in a sequence every four seconds .

Code Reason / Solution

ERR1 or ERR2 (On Display instead on

Faulty temperature probe

• Please call Evakool for closest service centre .

1 Flash

Low Voltage

• Please check the source voltage to ensure it is above the cut out. Try

• The vehicle cabling may be inadequate/unsuitable. please refer to

• Try on a different power source .

2 Flashes

Fan or compressor running issue

• Fan is drawing too many Amps (Over 1 Amp) –Replace Fan .

• The compressor is drawing too many amps (Over 12 Amps) .

• Possible Electronic Box or compressor fault – contact Evakool or

Service Agent .

3 Flashes

The compressor speed is too low

• Reduce products / items inside unit .

• Move unit to a lower ambient temperature .

• Clean vents / ensure clear air flow over compressor .

4 Flashes

Ambient Temperature too high

• Clean vents / ensure clear air flow .

• Fan Fault – Replace fan .

5 Flashes

Thermal Cut-Out of Electronic Unit

• If the refrigeration system has been too heavily overloaded .

• Ambient temperature is too high .



7. Warranty Statement/Terms & Conditions

Nexberg Pty Ltd trading as EvaKool undertakes to the original purchaser that this product is sold free of defect in materials and/or workmanship under normal use for a period of 5 years. Subject to the following:

• The warranty period commences from the date of purchase by the original purchaser from an authorised

EvaKool dealer .

• The Secop compressor in this unit carries a 5 year warranty under normal use .

• EvaKool will honour this warranty on presentation of proof of purchase of the unit to EvaKool or its

• EvaKool will not be held responsible for any costs incurred in making a warranty claim .

• Please telephone 1300 865 665 for the name of an authorised service agent or refer to list provided on

• EvaKool will not be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered or cost incurred whilst fridge is in

• Warranty repairs may only be carried out by an authorised service agent. EvaKool will not reimburse

• Service agents may charge a fee for viewing or testing the unit. This is not covered by EvaKool or this

• Any EvaKool authorised service centre in Australia will be able to carry out the service of your unit. If a

• This warranty does not extend to any products acquired for the purposes of re-supply. to be used up or

• This fridge is intended for recreational use only. If used for commercial use. a 12 month warranty applies .

• To the extent permitted by law. this warranty does not extend to any claim for damages that you or any

• EvaKool will not accept a warranty claim if:

1. Modifications have been carried out to the unit without EvaKool’s written authority .

2. Damage to or failure of the unit has been caused in EvaKool’s opinion by incorrect. extreme or

3. Damage to or failure of the unit has been caused in EvaKool’s opinion by misuse. neglect. accident.

• EvaKool has total discretion of the variation of the warranty terms .

• Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are

• The above warranty conditions are in addition to any other rights and/or remedies as per the applicable

• Failure to follow the guidelines/recommendations in this manual may void the warranty .

• This warranty cannot be varied by others .

Please retain your receipt or proof of purchase for warranty purposes.

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