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RELAY 8201786

Compressor Start Device for use on side by side refrigerators EGY80 & EGY90 type compressors

WARNING! Electrical Shock Hazard

To avoid risk of electrical shock. personal injury or death; disconnect electrical power before servicing.

Kit Contains:
+ 1 instruction sheet
+ PTC Start Device
+ 2 Overloads
+ 1 Wire Jumper

Newest Added: GH5184XPB4 WCG97US0HS00 WDF520PADM5 LEC8858EQ2 WFW8640BW0
+ 1 Terminal Cover
+ 1 Electrical Cover
+ 2 Combo Relays

Tools Needed:
+ 1-1/4" Nut Driver
+ 1 Flat-blade Screwdriver

1. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall; make sure to protect the floor from any damage.

2. Unplug the refrigerator or disconnect power.

3. On the rear of the refrigerator. remove the screws holding the rear compartment cover in place. Remove the rear cover. Set the screws and rear cover aside for reuse later.

4. Remove all of the electrical components and cover from the compressor; pull them straight off of the compressor. Disconnect from wire harness.

Note: Some models may have a plastic tie strap around the PTC relay. Remove and discard the strap.

5. Identify the compressor type. See Figure 1.

FIG. 1 Example of compressor type

6. This kit contains two styles of start relays.
Note: /f the compressor has been changed from the original or has a separate relay. see Style 2.
Style 1: Combo (direct replacement). See Figure 2

Style 2: Discrete. See Figure 3
+ Overload
+ Relay
+ Electrical cover
+ Terminal cover
+ Wire jumper

7. If Style 1. install the new overload protector for your compressor type as described below:
+ EGY80 uses part ER2188829
+ EGY90 uses part ER2188830

Skip to step 10.
If Style 2. install the new overload protector for your compressor type as described below:
+ EGY80 uses part ER2187145
+ EGY90 uses part ER2154697
Continue to step 8.

8. Install the new PTC relay. Make sure the start device and overload are securely mounted all the way on the compressor terminals. (See Figure 4)

9. Reinstall the wire harness to the correct terminals.

Note: Check that the green/yellow ground wire remains in place.

+ Red to the overload.

+ Install the new white jumper supplied in the kit. between the old harness and the PTC relay.

+ Blue to the capacitor. if your model uses a capacitor. If your model does not have a capacitor. use the terminal cover provided in the kit to cover the extra terminal. (See Figures 4 & 5)

10. Install the new electrical cover provided with the kit.

Note: Be sure to insert the entire jumper into the cover. Engage the bottom of the cover first. then push the cover upward while snapping in place. (See Figure 6)

11. Reinstall the back cover of the refrigerator.

12. Plug in refrigerator or reconnect power.

13. Check for compressor run. Replace refrigerator in its original position.

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