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NOTE: If the kettle is lifted from the
base during a heat cycle, this will cancel
the cycle.
NOTE: To mute the kettle, press and
hold the HOLD TEMP and - buttons for
5 seconds.
NOTE: The HOLD TEMP will only
activate after the water has reached
the target temperature. If HOLD TEMP
is pressed before a heating cycle, you
must first start a heating cycle.
NOTE: If 100°C Boil is selected the
temperature will hold at 93°C for up to
30 minutes.
6 When the water has reached the
selected temperature the kettle will
beep and automatically switch o. If
Hold Temp is selected, the kettle will
continue to hold the temperature for up
to 30 minutes.
Hold Temp is the kettles ability to
maintain the selected temperature for
up to 30 minutes, after the heating cycle.
Select Hold Temp any time before, during,
or within 30 seconds of completion of
a heating cycle to turn it on. Press Hold
Temp again to turn it o. While the feature
is on, Hold Temp will illuminate orange
on the control panel. After 30 minutes of
holding the temperature, the kettle will
automatically shut o.
If the kettle has insucient water when
starting a heating cycle, the kettle will
automatically switch o to protect from
overheating and causing damage. The
kettle beep and the temperature display
will read "dry" to signify that the kettle has
boiled dry. Allow the kettle to cool for at
least 10 minutes before relling.
WARNING: Never immerse the device,
base or power cord in water or place in
a dishwasher.
WARNING: Do not use chemicals or
abrasive cleaners internally or externally.
1 Unplug the kettle and allow to cool
down before cleaning.
2 Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior
of the kettle and base. Only use non-
abrasive cleaning materials.
3 The limescale filter can be easily
removed. Open the lid and slide the
filter up and out of the spout.
4 The filter can be cleaned by running
under a hot water tap and rubbing with
a cloth or brush.
5 To replace the filter, slide into place at
the back of the spout, until it snaps in
Your kettle will not work properly if it is not
descaled regularly. Regular descaling can
increase the life of the kettle, allowing it to
boil water faster and with less energy. Scale
is a naturally occurring buildup of mineral
deposits caused by impurities in water,
especially hard water. The ideal frequency
to descale depends on water hardness.
Descaling can be completed with a descaling
agent specifically designed for kettles.
Follow the directions on the descaling agent
1 Fill the kettle with equal parts water
and white vinegar.
2 Let it sit for 30 minutes.
3 Discard solution and rinse the kettle
with clean water.
4 Repeat this process until all deposits
are removed.
Power o the unit and call Customer Service at 0800 862 0453. So we may better assist you,
please register your product online at ninjakitchen.co.uk/registerguarantee and have the
product on hand when you call.
The power base won't turn on�
Make sure the power cord is securely plugged into
the socket.
Insert the power cord into a dierent socket.
The kettle is not heating up�
Overheat control has tripped. Let the kettle cool
Ensure the kettle is fully seated on the power base.
Hold Temp function is not working
The Hold Temp function is not default and needs
to be turned on or o by pressing the Hold Temp
button. When the function is on, the button will
be illuminated orange. A heating cycle must be
started to activate the Hold Temp feature. After
turning on Hold Temp before a heating cycle,
press START/STOP to begin the heating cycle.
The unit turns o before coming to target
The kettle contains too much scale, refer to the
descaling instructions.
Display messages:
dry: - There is an insucient amount of water inside
the kettle. Allow the kettle to cool for at least
10 minutes, then add fresh, room temperature water
to at least the minimum 0.25 L marking and restart
the heating cycle.
- If there is already water filled up to at least the
minimum 0.25 L marking, please call Customer
Service at
0800 862 0453.
Er: - If the temperature display shows "Er" and then
a number (ex. "Er 01"), contact Customer Service at
0800 862 0453.
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