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User manual Dryer for Whirlpool LEQ9508PW0

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Changing the Drum Light

  • Unplug dryer or disconnect power.
  • Open the dryer door. Locate the light bulb cover on the back wall of the dryer. Remove the screw located in the lower right corner of the cover. Remove the cover.
  • Turn bulb counterclockwise. Replace the bulb with a 10-watt appliance bulb only. Replace the cover and secure with the screw.
  • Plug in dryer or reconnect power.

To use the drying rack

  • Place drying rack in dryer. Style 1: Your drying rack has front legs. Slide rear pegs into the dimples on the back wall of the dryer. Lower the front legs to rest on the dryer opening. Style 2: Your drying rack does NOT have front legs. Do not remove the lint screen. Slide drying rack over the bottom of the dryer door opening. Push down to secure rack on frame.
  • Put wet items on top of rack, leaving space between items. Do not allow items to hang over the edge of the rack. Close the door.
  • Select a timed drying cycle and temperature, or an air cycle. Items containing foam, rubber, or plastic must be dried on a clothesline or by using an air cycle. Refer to the following table.
  • Start the dryer. Reset cycle to complete drying, if needed.

Drying Rack Option

  • Use the Drying Rack to dry items such as sweaters and pillows without tumbling. The drum turns, but the rack does not move.
  • If your model does not have a drying rack, you may be able to purchase one for your model. To find out if your model allows drying rack usage and for ordering information, please refer to the front page of your manual or contact the dealer from whom you purchased your dryer.
  • NOTE: The rack must be removed for normal tumbling. Do not use the automatic cycle with the drying rack.

Cleaning the Dryer Interior

  • Apply a non-flammable household cleaner to the stained area of the drum and rub with a soft cloth until stain is removed.
  • Wipe drum thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  • Tumble a load of clean cloths or towels to dry the drum.
  • NOTE: Garments which contain unstable dyes, such as denim blue jeans or brightly colored cotton items, may discolor the dryer interior. These stains are not harmful to your dryer and will not stain future loads of clothes. Dry unstable dye items inside-out to prevent dye transfer.

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