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Fan,grill element
top heater
Economy Grill (variable) (1100w)
Use the economy grill to grill or brown
small amounts of food. Locate the grill
pan in the 4th or 5thshelf position .
pre-heat the grill for 5 minutes before
use .
Circular heater Fan
with Bottom Element
This operates the fan oven with the
convection element and the bottom
element allowing for cooking with
increased temperature from the
of the dish when using shelf
or 4 . set the oven operation
the default temperature
displayed and can be
position 3
knob to .
of 220 is
adjusted and
Fan and bottom heater on
At this oven function , the oven activates
the bottom heater and fan function.
The mode is useful for baking low pastry
and preparation of preserved fruit
Pyrolytic Oven - No Shelves
- Default 430°C
NOTE: This function has an added safety
feature to prevent it from being selected
accidentally. To run the pyrolytic function,
select “Pyrolytic”on the “Function Selector
Display”, then touch the “Boost/Pyrolytic” key
for 5 seconds to confirm the selection.
This oven can clean itself by a process known
as pyrolysis, heating the cavity to a temperature
of approximately 430˚C. This will burn off the
residue from spattering and spillages caused by
cooking. Pyrolytic programmes should be used
when the oven smokes during preheating or
cooking or if the oven smells even when cold.
It is not necessary to run a pyrolytic programme
after every use of the oven.
Do not wait until the oven is coated in grease to
run a pyrolytic programme.
The smoke produced by pyrolysis is broken down
by passing through a catalyser.
Please note: Before any pyrolytic programme,
remove all shelves, trays and other accessories
from the oven and clean up any major spills to
avoid the risk of fire or excessive smoke.
Do not hang towels or cloths on the oven
handle during pyrolysis.
The programme immediately locks the door and
starts the cooling fan at a slow setting; the
cooling fan speed increases to its maximum
when the oven heat builds up.
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