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The oven should be cleaned after
every time use.
Cool the oven completely before
Never clean the appliance with
pressurized hot steam cleaned.
The oven chamber should only be
washed with warm water and a
small amount of washing-up liquid.
-Close the oven door.
-Set the temperature knob to 50,
and the function knob to the bottom
heater position.
-Heat the oven chamber for
approximately 30 minutes.
-Open the oven door,wipe the
chamber inside with a cloth or sponge
and wash using warm water with
washing-up liquid.
After cleaning the oven chamber wipe
it dry.
Oven cleaning
Before any maintenance is started
involving electrical parts, the
appliance must be disconnected
from the power supply.
If the oven has been in use, let the
oven cavity and the heating elements
cool down before attempting any
Changing the bulb
Unscrew the protective cover. We
recommend that you wash and dry the
glass cover at this point.
Carefully remove the old bulb and
insert the new bulb suitable for high
temperatures (300ºC) having the
following specifications: 220-240V,
50Hz, 25W, G9 fitting.
Refit the protective cover.
Never use screwdrivers or other
utensils to remove the light cover.
This could damage the enamel of the
oven or the lampholder. Remove only
by hand.
Never replace the bulb with bare
hands as contamination from your
fingers can cause premature failure.
Always use a clean cloth or gloves.
Please note:
The bulb replacement is not covered
by your guarantee
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