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ENG - 38
Before seeking assistance, check the following.
In case the power is not turned on
; Check whether the power cord of the
Soundbar is correctly inserted into the
In case the functions do not work properly
; After removing the power cord, insert it
; Remote the power cord from the external
device and try again.
; If there is no signal, the Soundbar
automatically turns off after a certain
period of time. Turn on the power. (See
page 9.)
In case the remote control does not work
; Operate the remote control noting the
Soundbar closely.
; Replace the batteries with new ones.
In case the Soundbar sound is not output
; The volume of the Soundbar is too low or
muted. Adjust the volume.
; When any external device (STB, Bluetooth
device, mobile device, etc.) is connected,
adjust the volume of the external device.
; For sound output of the TV, select
Soundbar. (Samsung TV: Home ( ) →
Settings ( ) → Sound → Sound Output →
Select Soundbar)
; The cable connection to the Soundbar may
not be loose. Remove the cable and
connect again.
; Remove the power cord completely,
reconnect, and turn the power on.
; Initialise the product and try again.
(See page 37.)
In case the sound of the Subwoofer speaker is
not output
; Check whether the LED indicator on the
rear of the Subwoofer is on in blue.
Reconnect the Soundbar and Subwoofer if
the indicator is blinking in blue or turned
red. (See page 15.)
; You may experience an issue if there is an
obstacle between the Soundbar and
Subwoofer. Move devices to an area away
from obstacles.
; Other devices sending radio frequency
signals in proximity may interrupt the
Keep your speaker away from such devices.
; Remove and reconnect the power plug.
The Subwoofer volume is too low
; The original volume of the content you are
playing may be low. Try adjusting the
Subwoofer level. (See page 11.)
; Bring the Subwoofer speaker closer to you.
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