User Manual Bosch WTR87TW8GR WTR87TW8GR/01 Tumble Dryer

Bosch WTR87TW8GR WTR87TW8GR/01 Tumble Dryer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User manual Tumble Dryer for Bosch WTR87TW8GR

Table of contents

  • Intended use
  • Safety instructions
  • Children/people/pets
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Energy-saving tips
  • Installing and connecting the appliance
  • Included with the appliance
  • Installing the appliance
  • Connecting the appliance
  • Before using the appliance for the first time
  • Optional accessories
  • Quick reference guide
  • Familiarising yourself with your appliance
  • Appliance overview
  • Fascia
  • Display
  • Overview of programmes
  • Programme settings
  • Laundry
  • Preparing laundry
  • Sorting laundry
  • Operating the appliance
  • Loading laundry and switching on the appliance
  • Setting a programme
  • Starting the programme
  • Programme progress
  • Changing the programme or adding more laundry
  • Cancelling the programme
  • End of programme
  • Removing the fluff
  • Appliance settings
  • Childproof lock
  • Notification signal
  • Altering the appliance settings
  • DCleaning and maintenance
  • Cleaning the appliance
  • Cleaning the moisture sensor
  • Cleaning the base unit
  • Help with the appliance
  • Consumption values
  • Consumption values table
  • Technical data
  • Disposal
  • Customer Service

Energy-saving tips

  • Spin the laundry before drying. The drier the laundry, the shorter the programme will be, in turn reducing energy consumption.
  • Load the appliance with the maximum loads permitted for the programmes.
  • Operate the appliance in a ventilated room and make sure that the air inlet on the appliance is unobstructed so that air exchange can take place unhindered.
  • Regularly remove the fluff from the appliance. If there is fluff in the appliance, this extends the programme duration and increases energy consumption.
  • If you do not perform any actions on the appliance for an extended period before the programme starts or once the programme has ended, the appliance will automatically switch to energy-saving mode. The display and indicator lights go out after a few minutes and Έναρξη/Προσθήκη (Start/Reload) flashes. To end energy-saving mode, all you need to do is perform an action on the appliance, such as opening and closing the door.

Install the appliance as follows:

  • Place the appliance on a clean, even, solid surface.
  • Check that the appliance is level using a spirit level.
  • If necessary, turn the appliance feet to make sure it is level.

You can now connect the appliance.

Clean the fluff filter after each drying cycle:

  • Open the door and remove all fluff from it.
  • Pull out the two-part fluff filter.
  • Remove the fluff from the fluff filter recess. Ensure that no fluff falls into the open shaft.
  • Pull the two-part fluff filter apart.
  • Open the two parts of the filter.
  • Remove all fluff from both parts of the filter.

Loading laundry and switching on the appliance

  • Prepare and sort the laundry.
  • Turn the programme selector to switch on the appliance.
  • Open the door. Check that the drum has been completely emptied. Empty it if necessary.
  • Load the laundry unfolded into the drum.
  • Close the appliance door.

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