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User Guide Dimplex 2KW MOCCA Heater 

Connecting the Transducer Unit + Lamps

  1. Release the two red tabs by turning them by 90 degrees (Fig 2)
  2. Lift out the Sump Nozzle (Fig 3)
  3.  Insert lamps into lamp holders (Fig 4), carefully locating the pins into the holes (Fig 4a)
  4. Push lamps firmly into place
  5. Place the Transducer Unit into the sump and join the cable to the connector on the sump (Fig 5)
  6. To ensure that the Transducer Unit is correctly placed in the sump, the tab on the Transducer Unit should be lined up with the moulded recess in the sump (Fig 5a).
  7. Ensure that the cable is not placed above the disc on the Transducer Unit (Fig 5b).

Filling the Water Tank

  •  Place Water Tank in sink and remove cap (turn anti-clockwise to open) (Fig 7)
  • Fill Water Tank with decalcified tap water only. This is necessary to prolong the life of the flame and smoke producing unit.
  • The water should be filtered through a conventional domestic water filter unit and the filter should be replaced regularly.
  • Screw the cap back on – do not overtighten. 

Water tank

  1. Remove water tank, as described earlier, put into sink and empty water.
  2. Using the supplied brush gently rub the inside surfaces of the cap paying particular attention to the rubber ring in the outer groove and the centre rubber seal.
  3.  Put a small quantity of washing up liquid into the tank, refit the cap and shake well, rinse out until all traces of washing up liquid are gone.
  4.  Refill with decalcified tap water only, replace the cap, do not overtighten.

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