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Use & Care All about the of your Microwave Oven Frigidaire CFCM0934NW 

Table of contents

  • Welcome
  • Before Operating
  • Manual Operation
  • Convenience Operation
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Features & Specifications
  • Cooking Charts
  • Care & Cleaning
  • Changing Your Overlay to French
  • Before You Call
  • Warranty

Cooking vegetables in your microwave

  • Vegetables should be washed just before cooking. Rarely is extra water needed. If dense vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and greens are being cooked, add about ¼ cup of water.
  • Small vegetables (sliced carrots, peas, lima beans, etc.) will cook faster than larger vegetables.
  • Whole vegetables, such as potatoes, acorn squash or corn on the cob, should be arranged in a circle on the turntable before cooking. The will cook more evenly if turned over halfway through cooking.
  • Always place vegetables like asparagus and broccoli with the stem ends pointing towards the edge of the dish and the tips toward the center
  • When cooking cut vegetables, always cover the dish with a lid or vented microwavable plastic wrap.
  • Whole, unpeeled vegetables such as potatoes, squash, eggplant, etc., should have their skin pricked in several locations before cooking to prevent them from bursting.
  • For more even cooking, stir or rearrange whole vegetables halfway through the cook time. 
  • Most of the time, the denser the food the longer the required standing time. For example, a baked potato should stand for 5 minutes before serving, while a dish of peas may be served immediately.

Defrosting tips

  • When using the defrost weight feature, the weight entered should always be (valid entries are from
  • Use both defrost weight and defrost time features for raw food items only. Defrosting gives best results when food to be thawed is a minimum of 0°F (taken directly from a true freezer). If the food has been stored in a refrigerator-freezer that does not maintain a temperature of 5° F or below, always program a lower food weight or lower cook time to prevent cooking the food.  
  • If the frozen food is stored outside the freezer for up to 20 minutes, enter a reduced cook time or weight.
  • The shape of the package will alter the defrosting time. Shallow rectangular food packets defrost more quickly than a deep frozen block of food.
  • Separate pieces as they begin to defrost. Separated frozen pieces of food defrost better.
  • Shield warm areas of food with small pieces of foil if they start to become warm.
  • You may use small pieces of aluminum foil to shield food items like chicken wings, leg tips and fish tails, but do not allow the foil to touch the oven cavity walls when defrosting


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Frigidaire CFCM0934NW Questions and Answers

What does Smudge-Proof™ mean?
Frigidaire Smudge-Proof™ stainless steel features a proprietary
protective coating that resists fingerprints and cleans easily.
It’s one way our products help make kitchen maintenance
virtually effortless.

How do I clean stainless steel?
For stainless steel models, we recommend using Frigidaire
ReadyClean Stainless Steel cleaner. It provides streak-free
shine, protective coating repels dust and dirt, and gently
cleans tough stains. Wipe with the grain to prevent
scratching. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions
when using.

How do I change the surface light in my microwave?
It only takes five easy steps to change this light bulb.
1. Pull on your safety gloves, and let's get it done. First,
unplug the microwave or turn off the power at the main
circuit breaker.
2. Then, remove the the bulb covering mounting screws at
both positions under the microwave.
3. Remove and replace the old bulbs with 30-watt appliance
4. Reinstall the bulb cover and mounting screws.
5. That's it! Plug the mircowave back into the power supply
or turn the power back on at the main circuit breaker.

Do I need a special plate to cook popcorn in my microwave?
If your microwave model has a glass tray or turn table, then
follow the instructions printed on the popcorn label and
place the bag on the turn table.
In some instances, if you have a metal turn table (instead
of glass), you do need to set the popcorn bag on a
popcorn/bacon plate.
This plate will lift the popcorn bag off of the microwave’s
metal turntable, which can otherwise interfere with the
metal contained in the popcorn bag.

Where can I find my model and serial number?
The location of your model / serial number may vary, but
it’s most commonly found in one of the following locations:
- Along the interior-side trim of the oven and visible when
the door is opened
- On the left-side panel and visible when the door is opened
- On the front frame of the storage / warmer drawer panel
and visible when the drawer is opened.

What are the benefits of registering my Frigidaire products?
Once you have registered, you’ll receive the Frigidaire e-
newsletters filled with product tips and useful information. You
will also have easy access to your warranty information and
product care tips.

How can I tell if my appliance is ENERGY STAR® qualified?
When shopping for an appliance, it's easy to recognize the
ENERGY STAR® label that identifies qualified products. The
ENERGY STAR® symbol is the internationally recognized
and trusted mark of high efficiency. The symbol means that
a product, new home, building or industrial facility is
certified as energy efficient. Additionally, manufacturers are
required to display their products' test results on the
ENERGY STAR® label. The label will tell you about the
product's efficiency level, including approximately how
much energy the appliance uses, its average annual
operating cost, and how its energy use compares with that
of similar products.



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