Samsung RF20HFENBBC/US 20 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator - Use Manual

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Before You Install the water line

• Unplug the electric power to prevent electric shocks while installing the water supply line.

• The water line installation is not warranted by the refrigerator manufacturer. So before you install the water line, read the whole steps for installing and follow these instructions carefully to minimize the risk of expensive water damage.

• Banging pipes (water banging in the pipes) in house plumbing can cause damage to fridge parts and lead to water leakage or flooding. Call a qualified plumber to correct the problem before installing the water supply line to the fridge.

• To prevent burns and product damage, do not hook up the water line to the hot water line.

• Do not install the water line in areas where temperatures fall below freezing.

• When using any electrical device (such as a power drill) during installation, be sure the device is insulated or wired in a manner to prevent electric shock.

• All installations must be in a accordance with local plumbing code requirements.

• Use designated tubing.

• Cut the tubing, making sure the ends are square and clean.

• Water line must be connected to drinkable water only.

Important (cold water supply)

• For the ice maker to be operated properly,water pressure of 20~125psi is required.

• If cold water supply is under 20psi, purchase and install a booster pump to compensate for the low water pressure or call your utility company.

• After initial installation, it may take up to two days for the ice maker try to fill with ice.

• If you turn the refrigerator on before the water line is connected, turn the ice maker off.

• See the


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