User Manual Dimplex DHCER20HUM 2KW Ceramic Heater with Humidifier

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The remote control can be used to operate all functions.
1. Remove the battery cover at the back of remote control (Picture
2. Insert the battery (included) [Picture 3].
3. Replace the battery cover.
1. Connect the unit to a power supply and switch on.
2. The unit will be in standby mode and sound a ‘beep beep once
connected to the power supply. The ON/OFF indicator light will
3. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the unit ON.
4. The unit defaults to: Low Power, no swing and a temperature setting
of 25°C.
5. Press the Mode button to change the setting. The mode is changed
in sequence: Low Power, High Power & Eco mode. The respective
indicator light will illuminate to show what mode is selected.
6. Press the Timer/Temperature button once, to set a time for the unit
to turn off automatically. The number will flash on the LED display
when the time is ready to be set. Time is set in 1 hour increments,
and can be set up to 12 hours. Press the ‘+/- buttons to set the
desired time.