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User & Care Guide Room Air Conditioner Haier HTWR08XCR


  • Air Conditioner Safety
  • Installation Instructions
  • Air conditioner Use
  • Starting Your Air Conditioner
  • Using the Remote Control
  • Changing Air Direction
  • Normal Sounds
  • Air conditioner Care
  • Cleaning the Air Filter
  • Cleaning the Front Panel
  • Annual Maintenance
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Cleaning the Air Filter 

The air filter is removable for easy cleaning. A clean filter helps remove dust, lint, and other particles from the air and is important for best cooling and operating efficiency. Check the filter every 2 weeks to see whether it needs cleaning.

Note: Do not operate the air conditioner without the filter in place.

1. Turn off the air conditioner.

2. Remove the air filter by opening the front panel and removing the air filter.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean air filter. If the air filter is very dirty, wash it in warm water with a mild detergent. Do not wash the air filter in the dishwasher or use any chemical cleaners. Air dry the air filter completely before replacing to ensure maximum efficiency.

4. Replace the air filter.

5. Close the front panel.

6. Turn on the air conditioner.

Cleaning the Front Panel

1. Turn off the air conditioner.

2. Clean the front panel with a soft, damp cloth.

3. Air dry the front panel completely.

4. Turn on the air conditioner.

Air conditioner blows fuses or trips circuit breakers

  • Too many appliances are being used on the same circuit. Unplug or relocate appliances that share the same circuit.
  • Time-delay fuse or circuit breaker of the wrong capacity is being used. Replace with a time-delay fuse or circuit breaker of the correct capacity. See “Electrical Requirements.”
  • An extension cord is being used. Do not use an extension cord with this or any other appliance.
  • You are trying to restart the air conditioner too soon after turning off the air conditioner. Wait at least 3 minutes after turning off the air conditioner before trying to restart the air conditioner.

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