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• Before use, make sure the silicone cover is correctly in place. • Dissemble is opposite of Assemble.
The blank strainer is used only with frozen ingredi- the frozen items to thaw for 5 to 20 minutes before use. Slowly process a smaller amount per batch.
奈 Do not use ice or process ingredients containing vegetable or animal oil. It may cause a malfunction. 奈 Remove hard seeds from the ingredients and peel the skins from the ingredients before juicing.
Blank Strainer Using the blank strainer, you'll be able to make frozen desserts
Juicing Screw * use the same juicing screw from the Slow Juicer

Newest Added: B6000W C7000W
Blank Strainer
Juicing Bowl When using the blank strainer, always leave the Smart Cap open.
Place the assembled top set onto the base.
The silicone

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