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NUC NUC JAPAN Electronics Japan Co., Ltd.
NUC NUC CHINA Electronics China Co., Ltd.
• Tel 1-888-682-5559
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Newest Added: C9500 B6000 Kuvings Blank Strainer B6000W C7000W
• Tel 81-3-5542-0621
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Schwalbach, GERMANY
Tokyo, JAPAN
Shanghai, CHINA
HEADQUARTERS NUC Electronics Co., Ltd.
• 280, Nowonro, Buk-gu, Daegu, 702-858, Korea
• Tel 82-53-665-5035, 82-53-665-5036
• Suwon Hwang General Manager
Our dedication to create a perfect juicer
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer
SINCE 1978 Kuvings contributes for benefits of a healthy lifestyle!
National Award to be a member of WORLD CLASS 300 2014
Awarded 50 million dollar Export Tower 2014
Nominated as Excellent Product in Vertical Juicer category by the Cosumer’s Report 2014
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