User Manual Samsung WW90K5413UX/EU AddWash™ Washing Machine

Samsung WW90K5413UX/EU AddWash™ Washing Machine - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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User manual Washing Machine


Follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper installation of the washing machine and to prevent accidents when doing laundry.

What’s included

Make sure all the parts are included in the product package. If you have a problem with the washing machine or the parts, contact a local Samsung customer centre or the retailer.

  1. Release lever
  2. Detergent drawer
  3. Control panel
  4. Door
  5. Drum
  6. Pump filter
  7. Emergency drain tube
  8. Filter cover
  9. Worktop
  10. Power plug
  11. Drain hose
  12. Levelling feet


Control panel

01. Cycle SelectorTurn the dial to select a cycle.
02 DisplayThe display shows current cycle information and estimated time remaining, or an information code when a problem occurs.
03 Temp.Press to change the water temperature for the current cycle.
04 RinsePress to change the rinse count for the current cycle. You can set the rinse count to a max of 5, depending on the cycle.
05 Spin

Press to change the spinning speed for the current cycle. The revolutions per minute (RPM) differs with the model.

• Rinse Hold : The final rinse process is suspended so that the laundry remains in the water. To unload the laundry, run a drain or spin process.

• No Spin : The drum does not rotate after the final drain process.

• Spin Only : To run the Spin Only cycle, press Spin for 3 seconds. When the cycle time and spinning speed appear, press Spin repeatedly until a desired spinning speed is selected. Then, press Start/Pause to start the cycle. The spinning time depends on the selected cycle.

06 Options

Press to select an option from Intensive, and Pre Wash. Press again to deselect.

• Availability of the options depends on the cycle.

07 Bubble SoakPress to activate/deactivate the Bubble Soak function. This function helps remove a wide variety of stubborn stains.
08 Delay End

Delay End lets you set the end time of the current cycle. Based on your settings, the start time of the cycle will be determined by the machine’s internal logic. For example, this setting is useful for programming your machine to finish a wash at the time you normally return home from work.

• Press to choose a preset unit of hours.

09 Quick Wash 15’/30’

For lightly soiled garments of less than 2 kg that you want to wash quickly.

• Availability of this option depends on the cycle.

• The cycle time is subject to change, depending on the detergent amount, water level, and contamination level of the load.

10 PowerPress to turn on/off the washing machine.
11 Start/Pausev

For more information on the options, see the “Special features” section.

*(Hold 3 sec) : Press and hold for 3 seconds.

Simple steps to start

  1. Press Power to turn on the washing machine.
  2. Turn the Cycle Selector to select a cycle.
  3. Change the cycle settings (Temp., Rinse, and Spin) as necessary.
  4. To add an option, press Options. Use the button again to choose a preferred item.
  5. The machine provides two respective buttons for Bubble Soak and Delay End for easy access. If you want to use one of these options, press the corresponding button.
  6. Press Start/Pause.

To change the cycle during operation

  1. Press Start/Pause to stop operation.
  2. Select a different cycle.
  3. Press Start/Pause again to start the new cycle.

Cycle overview

Standard cycles


Delay End

You can set the washing machine to finish your wash automatically at a later time, choosing a delay of between 1 to 24 hours (in 1 hour increments). The hour displayed indicates the time the wash will finish.

  1. Select a cycle. Then change the cycle settings if necessary.
  2. Press Delay End repeatedly until a desired end time is set.
  3. Press Start/Pause. The corresponding indicator turns on with the clock running.
  4. To cancel the Delay End, restart the washing machine by pressing Power.

Real-life case

You want to finish a two-hour cycle 3 hours later from now. For this, you add the Delay End option to the current cycle with the 3-hour setting, and press Start/Pause at 2:00 p.m. Then, what happens? The washing machine starts operating at 3:00 p.m., and ends at 5:00 p.m. Provided below is the time line for this example.

Special features


When the AddWash indicator is on, you can stop operation of the machine and put additional laundry or softener into the drum. The Add Door opens by more than 130° for easy access.

1. Press Start/Pause to stop operation.

2. Press the upper area of the Add Door until you hear a clicking sound to unlock. Pull the handle of the Add Door to open.

3. Open the Add Door and put additional laundry or softener into the drum.

4. Push the Add Door until you hear a clicking sound to close.

5. Press Start/Pause to resume operation.

CAUTION Do not put excessive force on the Add Door. It may break.

NOTE The water inside the drum will not leak if the Add Door is closed properly. Water drops may form around the door, but they will not leak from inside the drum.


  • Do not open the Add Door if suds have formed inside the drum that rise above the level of the Add Door.
  • Do not attempt to open the Add Door while the machine is operating without first pressing Start/Pause. Please note that the Add Door can be opened unintentionally (without pressing Start/Pause) when the wash is complete.
  • Do not add an excessive load through the Add Door. Performance may be degraded.
  • Do not use the lower area of the Add Door as a handle. Your fingers may be caught.
  • Make sure that no laundry is caught in the Add Door.
  • Keep your pets out of the washing machine, especially the Add Door.
  • When using hot water for the wash, the Add Door may appear to leak water after opening and closing the Add Door. This is normal, simply because steam emerging from the open Add Door has cooled and formed water drops on the surface.
  • When the Add Door closes, the door seals up and no water can leak. However, you may encounter what appears to be water leak around the door - some residual water remaining around the Add Door may form water drops. This is normal.
  • Neither the main door or the Add Door can be opened when the water temperature is over 50 °C. If the water level inside the drum is over a certain point, the main door cannot be opened.
  • If an information code of ddC appears on the display, see the “Information codes” section for further actions.
  • Keep the Add Door and its surroundings clean at all times. Debris or detergents on or around the seals of the Add Door may cause a leak.


Child Lock

To prevent accidents by children, Child Lock locks all buttons except for Power

• To set the Child Lock function, hold down Temp. and Rinse simultaneously for 3 seconds.

• To release the Child Lock function, hold down Temp. and Rinse simultaneously for 3 seconds.


• In the Child Lock state, you must first release the Child Lock if you want to add detergent or laundry.

• Your setting will be kept even after restarting the machine.

Sound On/Off

You can turn on or off the sound from the washing machine. Your setting will be kept even after restarting the machine.

• To mute the sound, hold down Rinse and Spin simultaneously for 3 seconds.

• To unmute the sound, hold down again for 3 seconds.


Keep the washing machine clean to prevent deteriorated performance and to preserve its life cycle.

Eco drum clean

Perform this cycle regularly to clean the drum and to remove bacteria from it.

  1. Press Power to turn on the washing machine.
  2. Turn the Cycle Selector to select ECO DRUM CLEAN.
  3. Press Start/Pause.


• The water temperature for ECO DRUM CLEAN is set to 70 °C, which cannot be changed.

• It is recommended to run the ECO DRUM CLEAN cycle once every 40 washes.

CAUTION Do not use any cleaning agents for cleaning the drum. Chemical residue in the drum deteriorates the washing performance.


• The ECO DRUM CLEAN reminder appears on the main screen once every 40 washes. It is advisable to perform the ECO DRUM CLEAN regularly.

• When you first see this reminder, you can ignore the reminder for 6 consecutive washes. From the 7th wash, the reminder no longer appears. However, it appears again on the next 40th wash.

Smart Check

To enable this function, you must first download the Samsung Smart Washer app at the Play Store or the App Store, and install it on a mobile device featuring a camera function.

The Smart Check function has been optimized for Galaxy & iPhone series (applicable models only).

  1. When the washing machine detects an issue to check, it enters Smart Check mode after powering on.
  2. The washing machine starts the self-diagnosis procedure and displays an information code if a problem is detected.
  3. Run the Samsung Smart Washer app on your mobile device, and tap Smart Check.
  4. Put the mobile device close to the washing machine’s display so that the smartphone camera and the washing machine face each other. Then, the information code will be recognized automatically by the app.
  5. When the information code is recognized correctly, the app provides detailed information about the problem with applicable solutions.


• The function name, Smart Check, may differ depending on the language.

• If there is strong reflected light on the washing machine display, the app may fail to recognize the information code.

• If the app fails to recognize the Smart Check code consecutively, enter the information code manually onto the app screen.


In case of a power failure, drain the water inside the drum before taking out the laundry.

1. Power off and unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet.

2. Gently press the top area of the filter cover (A) to open.

3. Put an empty, spacious container around the cover, and stretch the emergency drain tube to the container while holding the tube cap (B).

4. Open the tube cap and let water in the emergency drain tube (C) flow into the container.

5. When done, close the tube cap, and reinsert the tube. Then, close the filter cover.

NOTE Use a spacious container because the water in the drum may be more than expected.


Surface of the washing machine

Use a soft cloth with a nonabrasive household detergent. Do not spray water onto the washing machine.

Add Door

1. Open the Add Door.

2. Use a wet cloth to clean the Add Door.

- Do not use cleaning agents. Discolouration may occur.

- Use caution when cleaning the rubber packing and the locking mechanism (A).

- Dust off the door area regularly.

3. Wipe up and close the Add Door until you hear a clicking sound.


  • Do not apply force on the Add Door. It may break.
  • Do not leave the Add Door open while the machine is operating.
  • Do not put heavy objects on the Add Door at any time.
  • To prevent physical injury, do not touch the Add Door while the drum is rotating.
  • Do not open the Add Door while the machine is operating. This may cause physical injury.
  • Do not manipulate the feature panel while the Add Door is open. This may cause physical injury or system failure.
  • Do not input objects other than laundry.
  • Do not input bulky items to the drum through the Add Door.
  • Do not pull out the rubber packing of the Add Door when cleaning. This may cause damage.

Mesh filter

Clean the mesh filter of the water hose once or twice a year.

1. Turn off the washing machine, and unplug the power cord.

2. Close the water tap.

3. Loosen and disconnect the water hose from the back of the washing machine. Cover the hose with a cloth to prevent water from gushing out.

4. Use pliers to pull out the mesh filter from the inlet valve.

5. Submerge the mesh filter deeply in water so that the threaded connector is also submerged.

6. Dry the mesh filter completely in the shade.

7. Reinsert the mesh filter into the inlet valve, and reconnect the water hose to the inlet valve.

8. Open the water tap.

NOTE If the mesh filter is clogged, an information code of “4C” appears on the screen.

Pump filter

It is advisable to clean the pump filter 5 or 6 times a year to prevent its clogging. A clogged pump filter may reduce the bubble effect.

1. Turn off the washing machine, and unplug the power cord.

2. Drain the remaining water inside the drum. See the “Emergency drain” section.

3. Gently press the top area of the filter cover to open.

4. Turn the pump filter knob to the left, and drain off the remaining water.

5. Clean the pump filter using soft brushes. Make sure the drain pump propeller inside the filter is unclogged.

6. Reinsert the pump filter, and turn the filter knob to the right.