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User care Philips SRU4105WM/17 Remote control

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Button Functions
  • DVD/SAT Functions
  • Setup
  • Battery Installation
  • Battery Saver
  • Code Saver
  • Power-On Default
  • Code Setup
  • Direct Code Entry
  • Code Search
  • Brand Search
  • Code Identification Feature
  • Setting Favorites
  • Adjusting Delay Between Digits
  • Setup
  • Programming Combo Device Codes
  • VCR/DVD/DVR Punch-Through Feature
  • Volume/Mute Control Feature
  • Setting Volume/Mute Punch-Through
  • Setting Mode to Use Own Volume/Mute
  • Code Learning
  • Tips on Learning
  • IR Transmitter Finder
  • Learning Commands
  • Clearing Commands
  • Clearing Learned Commands
  • Master Clear
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Instrucciones en Español

Battery Installation

  1. On the back of the remote, push down on the tab and lift the cover off.
  2. Match the batteries to the + and - marks inside the battery case, then insert 2 AAA Alkaline batteries.
  3. Press the battery cover back into place

Battery Saver

Your remote automatically turns off if the buttons are depressed more than 30 seconds. This will save your batteries should your remote get stuck in a place where the buttons remain depressed (e.g., or for instance, between the sofa cushions).

Code Saver

Codes are stored in permanent memory while you are changing batteries so that you will not lose any codes stored in the remote while you are changing batteries.

Code Setup

Please refer to “Code Search” on p. 8 for more information using the code search feature to learn how to search through the library of codes for your products.

Note: You can store any kind of code under any mode (except TV). You can store a VCR code under the CBL button, or a DVD code under the VCR button, etc. However, you can only store TV codes under the TV button.

Code Identification Feature

The Code Identification Feature lets you identify the 4- digit library code stored under your device key.

If you want to find what 4-digit code is stored under any device mode, follow these steps.

  1. Press and hold SETUP until the indicator remains on, then release SETUP.
  2. Repeatedly press SELECT to select the desired mode (TV, VCR, etc.), unless the desired mode is already selected.
  3. Press and release SETUP. The indicator blinks.
  4. To find the first digit for the code stored under the mode selected in Step 2, press each number button (0-9). When the indicator blinks off, the number you pressed is the first code digit you are searching for.
  5. To find the second digit, repeat Step 4. When the indicator blinks off, this is the second digit.
  6. Repeat Step 4 to find the third and fourth digits.

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