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Electric Free-Standing



JBS60 - 30" Free-Standing Range

JB625 - 30" Free-Standing Range

JB645 - 30" Free-Standing Range

JB655 - 30" Free-Standing Range

USING THE RANGE: Special Features

Special Features

There are several different special features on your range. To change the settings of these special features:

Adjust the Oven Temperature

This feature allows the oven baking and convection baking temperature to be adjusted up to 35ºF hotter  your oven temperature is too hot or too cold and wish to change it. This adjustment affects Bake and Convection Bake modes. No other cooking modes are affected.

Press the Bake pad to enter the temperature adjustment  the +- pads to set the desired temperature adjustment and use the Bake pad to change between negative and positive. Press the Start pad to save the temperature adjustment.

Clock Display

This feature can turn off the time of day display. Press the Timer On/Off pad to display the time of day (on) or turn off the time of day display (oFF).

NOTE: For models with a clock pad, the time of day display cannot be turned off in special features. Exit special features. To turn the time of day display off on these models, just press the clock pad once and then the start pad. To have the display turned back on, press the clock pad again and then the start pad.

12-hour auto shut-off and Sabbath

12-hour auto shut-off turns off the oven after 12 hours of continuous operations.

Sabbath mode disables all sounds (the control will not beep when a button is pressed), Convection, Broil, Cook 7.

NOTE: The oven light comes on automatically (on some models) when the door is opened and goes off when the door is closed. The bulb may be removed. See the Oven Light Replacement section. On models with a light switch on the control panel, the oven light may be turned on and left on.

Press the Set Clock pad to view the current setting and then to change the setting.

For models that do not have a Set Clock pad, press the Cook Time pad to view the current setting and then to change the setting.

Once in Sabbath mode, at any time you can press Bake to start the oven. Note that when programming a bake in Sabbath mode, the preset starting temperature will automatically be set to 350°F. Press the + or - pads to increase or decrease the temperature in 25°F increments for temperatures between 170°F and 550°F and then press Start.

No sound will be given when the keys are pressed. At a random time between 30 seconds and 1 minute, ][, will appear in the display indicating the oven is running.

USING THE RANGE Surface Units ... ... ... ... ... ... . . .
Cookware for Radiant Glass Cooktop... . .
Oven Controls ... ... ... ... ... ... . .
Special Features ... ... ... ... ... ...

Oven Racks ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Aluminum Foil and Oven Liners ... ... . . .
Cookware ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . .
Cooking Modes ... ... ... ... ... ... .
Cooking Guide ... ... ... ... ... ... .
CARE AND CLEANING Cleaning the Range – Exterior ... ... ...
Cleaning the Range – Interior ... ... ...
Cleaning the Glass Cooktop ... ... ... .
Oven Light ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Oven Door ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Storage Drawer... ... ... ... ... ...
ACCESSORIES ... ... ... ... ...
CONSUMER SUPPORT ... ... . . .
JBS60 - 30" Free-Standing Range JB625 - 30" Free-Standing Range JB645 - 30" Free-Standing Range JB655 - 30" Free-Standing Range
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WARNING Read in fire, all electrical safety instructions shock, serious before injury using or death. the product. Failure to follow these instructions may result
To reduce the risk of tipping the range, the range must be secured by a properly Tip-Over Hazard installed anti-tip bracket. See installation
• A child or adult can tip the range and be killed. instructions shipped with the bracket for
• Install the anti-tip bracket to the wall or floor. complete details before attempting to install.
• Engage the range to the anti-tip bracket by sliding the range back such that the foot is engaged.
For Free-Standing and Slide-In Ranges
• Re-engage the anti-tip bracket if the range is moved.
To check if the bracket is installed and range to see that the rear leveling leg is engaged in the bracket. On some models, the storage drawer or kick panel can be removed for easy inspection. If visual inspection is not possible, slide the range forward, confirm the anti-tip bracket is securely attached to
Anti-Tip Bracket the floor or wall, and slide the range back so the rear leveling leg is under the anti-tip bracket. If the range is pulled from the wall for any reason, always repeat this procedure to verify the range is properly secured by the anti-tip bracket.
Leveling Leg Never completely

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