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 Slow Juicer manual Kuvings MODEL B6000


  • Important Safeguards
  • Safety Warning
  • Parts
  • How to Assemble
  • How to Operate
  • Tips on Operation
  • Tips on Ingredient
  • Ingredients Preparation
  • How to Disassemble and Clean
  • How to Clean Silicone Parts
  • OPTIONAL | How to Use the Cleaning Tool
  • Troubleshooting Q&A
  • Specifications


  • Operating the juicer without ingredients can cause damage to the screw.
  • Do not continuously operate the juicer for more than 30 minutes.
  • This can damage the motor from overheating.
  • After continuous use, let the juicer rest for 30 minutes to cool down before starting another session.
  • Do not put fi ngers or other objects into the feeding tube. Always use provided pusher when needed.
  • If other objects are inserted into the feeding tube during operation, such materials can get stuck and damage the juicer parts and/or cause injury.
  • Do not put dried or hard ingredients like whole grains, fruits with hard seeds or ice into the juicer.
  • These may damage the juicer parts (e.g. juicing bowl, juicing screw, and strainer).
  • Beans or grains can be used if soaked overnight or boiled.
  • Fruits with pits and hard seeds (e.g. nectarines, peaches, mangoes and cherries) must be pitted before juicing.
  • When using frozen fruits with small seeds such as grapes, completely thaw before inserting them into the juicer.
  • Do not use ingredients containing excessive amounts of vegetable oil or animal fat.
  • Do not use the juicer to extract vegetable oil from ingredients.
  • If vegetable/animal oil gets on the juicing screw, it may reduce performance and even damage the part.
  • Do not reinsert the extracted pulp into the juicer. This can cause the juicer to stop or cause the drum lid not to open.
  • After juicing ingredients with seeds like grapes, thoroughly clean all the crevices on the bottom of the juicing screw.

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